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Financial Training


Financial Planning, Workplace Savings Seminars On Demand

  • State Employees' Pension Plan
    This workshop discusses age and service guidelines for state pension retirement, how to estimate your state pension,  and what steps to take when you are ready to apply for your state pension.  Topics also include benefits that are available to pensioners, the difference between a beneficiary and a survivor, and working after retirement.

Fidelity Investments   TIAA-CREF

Getting on the Right Path with Your Workplace Savings Plan
This workshop discusses the benefits of saving in a workplace savings plan and helps employees who are already contributing recognize and consider ways to increase their contribution amount.

Just Starting Out: New to TIAA-CREF or New to Investing
This workshop discusses the fundamentals needed to start investing. Topics include: setting financial goals, realizing tax advantages, reducing risk with diversification, allocating assets, and understanding expenses.

Building a Portfolio
This workshop discusses the principals of asset allocation, diversification, and developing an appropriate investment strategy in your workplace savings plan.

Tax-Smart Ways to Save More For Retirement
This seminar discusses how to keep more of what you earn by developing strategies to minimize taxes and make the most of your savings.

Designing a Financial Roadmap
This workshop is designed for employees who are maximizing their workplace plan and looking to address additional savings needs.

Investment Checkup
This workshop discusses how to address conflicting savings needs, invest appropriately, save more, and choose your investment mix.


Are You on Target? On Track to Meet Your Financial Goal
Recognizing that it is never too late to begin saving more, this web seminar is appropriate for midcareer investors. Topics include: how to determine the retirement savings gap, budgeting, estate planning basics, and the importance of reviewing asset allocations.

Ready, Set, Retire: 5 to 10 Years to Go
This seminar examines retirement planning at all stages and helps identify savings gaps that may prevent participants from reaching their retirement goals. The session includes a discussion of TIAA-CREF income options.

Retirement Countdown: One Year to Go!
This web seminar includes a review of all the income options available from TIAA-CREF and discusses which options might be appropriate to meet different retirement goals.

Staying on Track in a Volatile Market
This session discusses keeping a close eye on your investment strategy during a volatile market.

How Strength and Stability Can Benefit You
Learn more about TIAA-CREF's long-term investment philosophy, and the value of TIAA-CREF's stable and fixed offerings in helping save for retirement and other long-term goals.

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