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Organizational Development

Organizational  Development is the practice of helping organizations solve problems and reach their goals.   High performing work teams can help accomplish these goals but will benefit by continuing to develop individual skill sets that ensure progress. 

Organizational development requires capable leadership, clear goals and sense of purpose, effective work processes, clear communication, employee commitment and positive work relations.

Leadership / Management Development

Today, organizations are faced with many challenges and opportunities.  Reorganization of workgroups, diminishing resources, technological innovations, rising expectations and the changing routine of the work itself all challenge managers and leaders in ways they've never been challenged before.  These same individuals are looking for new strategies and new skills.

Drawing upon resources from both inside and outside the University, programs are designed to assist participants in improving performance while empowering them to become high impact managers and leaders who can help successfully drive the organization towards its targeted goals.

Career Development

Career Development consists of enriching programs and resources for those interested in developing their career further at the University of Delaware.  UD recognizes that the exploration of future or different career directions often results from new or emerging values and work interests. 

Human Resources

The University of Delaware offers a progressive, family-friendly environment that supports the diversity of its workforce. The Office of Human Resources advances this effort by creating the structure and systems to best serve the needs of our employees. Periodic trainings are offered as an opportunity for employees to learn information related to changes in policies and systems related to Human Resources functions.

Financial Expertise

Employees working, or aspiring to work, with fiscal matters, these offerings will expand your knowledge of fiscal management as it relates to conducting business at the University, including both policies and procedures.

Equity and Inclusion

The Office of Equity and Inclusion (OEI) serves the campus in two primary roles. OEI provides leadership, resources, and services for the enhancement of diversity programs campus-wide, and fulfills an important compliance function by working with various legal mandates set out by state and federal law, and University policies as they relate to civil rights, equal employment and affirmative action.

Work/Life Balance

Balancing achievement and happiness can sometimes require skills, assistance and knowledge of resources. We currently offer a variety of educational programs, services and resources that can help you to find a healthy balance between work and life.


UD’s HealthyU Employee Wellness program offers a wide-range of health promotion programs and services that encourage healthy lifestyles.  Employees are invited to attend monthly workshops that feature a variety of health-related topics.  These sessions are facilitated by local health professionals, UD faculty and the HealthyU program staff.

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