Blue & Gold Certificate Programs

The Employee Education and Development program in partnership with Professional and Continuing Studies offers specific certificate programs to help employees build upon their current skills and provide opportunities to develop new ones.  The Blue and Gold Certificate Programs are the flagship education and development programs of the University and focus on Leadership, Management and Administrative skill development. 

Each program offers a specific amount of contact hours and consist of 8-10 sessions.  To receive your certificate, you must attend all sessions. 

Blue & Gold Leadership Program

This executive education program will explore the science, theories, research and current popular notions about why people behave the way they do in organizations and what the leadership role is to help engage and encourage employees to be more productive.

  • Topics – Exploration of leadership practices through readings, case studies, assessments, feedback and exercises that are designed to help diagnose the individual’s effectiveness as leaders as well as improve emotional intelligence and the ability to lead others.

  • Features – Leading with emotional intelligence uses the Birkman Assessment for all participants; Leading teams and organizations requires participation in a 360 survey of leadership and management effectiveness; Leadership coaching is provided to all participants.

Participation in this program is by nomination only.  For information on the nomination process, please email .

Blue & Gold Management Essentials (PDF)

Solidly based in management theory and practice, this course examines the critical role and functions of a manager/supervisor within an organization.   Attendees will be well prepared to manage their UD unit(s) and employees more effectively in order to achieve organizational objectives.

  • Topics – Time Management and Decision Making, Financial Management, Building Rapport and Trust, Leadership Styles and Motivating Change in the Workplace, Employee Coaching Skills

Blue & Gold Administrative Essentials (PDF)

The Blue and Gold Administrative Essentials Certificate has been specially created to provide UD administrative staff with the knowledge and skills to improve organizational procedures and effectiveness.

  • Topics / Modules - Process Improvement Fundamentals, Change Agent Skills, Effective Communication Skills, Team-Building Skills and Participant Presentation Sessions.

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