Kathy Corbitt, Manager

Joining the University of Delaware in 2007, Kathy serves as the Manager for both the Employee Education and Development (EED) and Employee Wellness Programs, affiliated with the Office of Human Resources.  Prior to joining UD, Kathy worked as a Health Educator for Quality Insights of Delaware, the State’s Quality Improvement Organization.  She also spent thirteen years managing employee health and wellness programs for Chrysler Corporation and Florida Power and Light.  

Kathy’s role within EED is to oversee the development, coordination, implementation and evaluation of various training programs.  This includes assessing the organization’s training needs and modifying programs for continuous improvement.  Enhancing employee skills can impact both individual and organizational performance and both Kathy and her team strive to achieve positive business results that support UD’s Path to Prominence.

Kathy holds a Bachelors Degree from the University of Florida in addition to numerous certifications from accredited organizations within the health and fitness industry. In 2010, Kathy completed UD’s Strategic Human Capital Management Certification Program offered by Professional and Continuing Studies.  Presently, Kathy is pursuing her Master’s Degree in Business Administration at the University of Delaware. 

  • Office of Human Resources  •  413 Academy Street  •  Newark, DE 19716  •  USA  •  302.831.2171