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The University of Delaware: A History

Published Work, Student Theses, and Duplicated Materials

The University Since 1914

Winifred J. Robinson left two accounts of the Women's College: "History of the Women's College of the University of Delaware, 1914-38," Delaware Notes 20 (1947): 5-69, and "History of Women's College, University of Delaware," in Delaware: A History of the First State, ed. H. Clay Reed (New York, 1947), 2:723-28. A personal reminiscence of Anna J. DeArmond, "The Women's College: A Backward Glance," was published in the Blue Hen Messenger 6 (July 1982): 4-5. See also "Thirty Years of Teacher Education at the Women's College," by William A. Wilkinson, University News 10 (November 1944): 3, 19. Another view, by a former foreign student, Anne-Marie Max, was published anonymously as "Universities americaines, bals, tests, sports, flirt: le journal de Betty-Jane," in Realites, September 1946, 374ff.

Yearbooks, literary magazines, and some other Women's College student publications are discussed in the text. Gladys Ford Pratt compiled a volume of clippings, "News of the Women's College, University of Delaware" (now in University Archives) from Wilmington, Newark, and Dover newspapers in 1920. Two useful student papers are Joann Moscariello, "`The Pioneers': A Study of the Activities of the First Class of the Women's College of Delaware, 1914-1918," and Christine M. Smith, "The Women's College of Delaware: 1919-1931" (term papers, University of Delaware, 1981).

President Samuel Chiles Mitchell wrote an interesting unpublished autobiography, "An Aftermath of Appomattox: A Memoir" (duplicated, Richmond, Va., 1942). Other views of Delaware College in his time may be found in Edward N. Vallandigham, "New Departares for Old Delaware," Philadelphia Record Magazine, April 19, 1914, and George Morgan, "Uncle Sam and the University of Delaware," Newark Post Commencement Supplement (1923), as well as in William G. Bixby, "A Year at Delaware College, 1919-1920" (term paper, University of Delaware, 1982).

Several brief essays on the college were published during the Hullihen administration, including Walter Hullihen, "Delaware College," Equitable Trust Company Monthly 1 (January 1921); George E. Dutton, "The Arts and Science School: 1900-1934," Alumni News, May 1934; C. A. McCue, "The School of Agriculture," Alumni News, May 1934; Robert L. Spencer, "The Engineering School," Delaware Notes 6 (1930): 111-18; and Dorothy L. Hawkins, "The New University Library--Delaware's War Memorial," Equitable Trust Company Monthly 5 (June 1925).

Two appreciative essays on Rodney Sharp have appeared--[Daniel W. Wood], H. Rodney Sharp, Sr.: An Appreciation (Newark, 1980), and Robert L. Raley, H. Rodney Sharp: Biographical Notes Marking the 100th Anniversary of His Birth (Winterthur, Del., 1980)--and one on Fletcher Brown--John A. Perkins and Robeson Bailey, Harry Fletcher Brown: An Essay in Appreciation (Newark, 1960). Robert J. Taggart, author of "Student Loans That Paid Big Dividends: Pierre S. du Pont, Benefactor with a Vision," University of Delaware News 46 (June 1980): 7-13, is working on a much larger study of du Pont's support of education. A valuable study is M. M. Daugherty, "Financing Higher Education in Delaware," which is chapter 4, pp. 91-98, in his Studies in Taxation: Financing Education in Delaware, Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin No. 182 (Newark, 1932).

Charles Z. Klauder and Herbert C. Wise, College Architecture in America and Its Part in the Development of the Campus (New York, 1929), has references to buildings on the Delaware campus. W. Gary Smith, "The Landscape Development of the University of Delaware Mall Prior to 1962" (honors thesis, University of Delaware, 1978), is of obvious interest. Debbie Jansen, "The Destruction of Change" (term paper, University of Delaware, 1981) discusses the remodeling of Recitation Hall.

On accreditation, see F. Taylor Jones, "Accreditation in the Middle States Region," in Accreditation in Higher Education, ed. Lloyd W. Blanch (Washington, D.C., 1959), and William K. Selden, Accreditation: A Struggle over Standards in Higher Education (New York, 1960).

The most important survey of the university in the Hullihen era is by Jacob Lipman, Fred J. Kelly, and C. C. Williams, Report of the Commission Appointed by the Board of Trustees to Make a Survey of the University (Newark, 1938), with which should be read the brief, published Comments of President Hullihen on University Survey Report at Meeting of Board of Trustees, December 10, 1938. Later surveys include the "General Report Prepared for Consideration by the Committee on Qualifications...of Phi Beta Kappa" (mimeographed, Newark, 1953), and The University of Delaware Self-Study Report (prepared for the Middle States Association of Colleges and Universities, December 15, 1980) (Newark). A number of forecasts have been published, such as George W. Foster, Nelson H. Tate, and R. L. Nourse, A 15 Year Forecast of Students, Staff and Facilities for the University of Delaware (Newark, 1958), and The Decade Ahead (Newark, 1971), the report of the Community Design Planning Commission. Alliance for Greatness (New York, 1969), prepared by consultants for the Academy for Educational Development, was commissioned by the Higher Educational Aid Advisory Commission for Delaware. Related studies are G. Gorham Lane, "A University Takes a Look at Itself," University News 28 (Summer 1962): 5-7, and G. Gorham Lane and Carol Pemberton, "The Senior-1970," University News 33 (Summer 1967): 2-5.

On athletics, Elbert Chance, sometimes alone and sometimes with a collaborator, has written a series of accounts--of golf, lacrosse, football (updated several times with collaborators), cross country (with Glenn Dill), swimming (with Thomas Waters)--while there are similar brief histories of gymnastics and wrestling by Glenn Dill and of soccer by Alden Burnham; duplicated typescripts of all of these essays are in the University Archives. A very interesting article by Mary Ann Hitchens Campbell, "Women's Athletics--A Decade in Review," appeared in the University of Delaware News 46 (June 1980): 14-20.

Several accounts of dramatics at Delaware are available, such as Judith Kase, "The History of Theatre at the University of Delaware" (student paper, University of Delaware, 1954), Sylvia Leeds, "The History of Theatre at the University of Delaware, 1953-1967" (M.A. thesis, University of Delaware, 1968); and articles by C. Robert Kase, including "The E52 University Theatre," University of Delaware News 39 (February 1973): 11-18, and "Round Half the World in 58 Days," University News 25 (October 1958):8-9, 20-21. One of the few articles on music is J. Robert King, "Ladies and Gentleman...The University of Delaware Marching Band!" Blue Hen Messenger 6 (September 1982): 4-5 and (November 1982): 4-5. "A Note on Campus Journalism" appeared in the Alumni News, May 1934, 27-28. On campus radio broadcasting, see Robert Blake, "WHEN Oh WHEN," University of Delaware News 35 (Summer 1969): 16, and Mary Ryan, "A History of WXDR" (term paper, University of Delaware, 1981).

Louis L. Redding, "Desegregation in Higher Education in Delaware," Journal of Negro Education 27 (1958): 253-59, is an article of major importance. Frank R. Scarpitti et al., "The Black Student and the University of Delaware," was the report of an advisory committee on policies, programs, and services affecting blacks and other minority group students (mimeographed). Two student papers pertinent to this subject are Sidney Jacobs, "A Survey of the Black American Studies Program of the University of Delaware," and Bonito Norris, "Perceptions of Black Students of the University of Delaware" (both from 1981).

R. L. Sawicki "Unionization of Professors at the University of Delaware," Liberal Education 60 (1974): 449-60, is an interesting essay. On student unrest at the time of the Vietnam War there are student papers by Mark Mercer (1979), Annette Atwell (1981), and Brenda Nussle (1981).

The Nader Report on Delaware is entitled The Company State and is written by James Phelan and Robert Pozen (New York, 1973). Philip M. Boffey, "Du Pont and Delaware: Academic Life Behind the Nylon Curtain," Science 160 (May 10, 1968): 628-33, and Ben H. Bagdikian, "Case History of Wilmington's Independent Newspapers," Columbia Journalism Review 3 (1964): 13-17, are critical.

Some student publications, like the Review, the yearbooks, and the literary magazines, have been mentioned in the text. Many helpful articles have appeared in the alumni magazine, published sporadically from 1915 to 1934 and regularly after 1935. It was first called the Alumni News but underwent several changes of name, among them University News, as it was entitled from 1935 to 1968, and thereafter University of Delaware News. It was gradually phased out in favor of a bimonthly, the Blue Hen Messenger, founded in 1977. Elbert Chance's article, "Something New--Or Is It?" University of Delaware News 43 (September 1977): 1-2, tells of these changes in name, as well as in format.

The annual reports of the president to the board of trustees, published almost every year for the last six decades (and occasionally earlier), are valuable because they usually offer some summary of campus activities in the past year. Recently these reports have been published in the University of Delaware News. Update, with its supplement called Focus, is an employee newsletter. Another publication describing new policies, programs, and budgetary matters is University Report, a monthly founded in 1974. Enquiry, a quarterly issued by the Office of Patents and Research, features accounts of research conducted by faculty and staff. Many other publications are issued by various units, including departments and colleges.

Among numerous accounts of departments and other units or activities of the university are L. A. Stearns, "Entomology at the University of Delaware," Delaware Notes 30 (1957): 1-34; A. E. Tomhave, "The Poultry Industry in Delaware During the Last 50 Years (1900-1950)," Delaware Notes 24 (1951): 129-43; J. Frank Gordy, The First 25 Years of the University Substation (Cooperative Bulletin No. 4) (Newark, 1966); Anne B. Ritchey, "The College of Marine Studies: Dedicated to Preserving Delaware's Marine Environment," Delaware Conservationist 18 (Summer 1974): 16-19; "Down to the Sea in Research Ships," University News 34 (Fall 1967): 2-6; Frederick B. Parker, "Outline of the History of Sociology at the University of Delaware, 1913-1966" (mimeographed, Newark, 1973); Thomas W. Brockenbrough, "University of Delaware," in The History of Civil Engineering and Construction in the Delaware Valley (Philadelphia, 1976); Willard McAllister, William Henderson, and J. Frank Gordy, "Some Significant Contributions of the University of Delaware to Agricultural Industry" (typescript in University Archives, 1983); John A. Murray, comp., "References to Continuing Education in University of Delaware Board of Trustees Dockets on File in University Archives" (mimeographed, no date); Richard Gregg, "The Development of Secondary Education at the University of Delaware" (term paper, University of Delaware, 1981).

Other similar studies are Carl J. Rees, "The Graduate School," University News 29 (Winter 1962-63): 8-11; Virginia P. Burt, "The History of Graduate Studies at the University of Delaware" (mimeographed, Newark, 1978); Jack Sturgell, "The Student Center: A Retrospective," University of Delaware News 43 (Fall 1976); 2-7; James H. Sills, Jr., "The Public Service Function at the University of Delaware: A Case Study" (Ph.D. dissertation, Bryn Mawr, 1981); W. A. Pemberton, "A History of Student Consulting Services at the University of Delaware from 1946 to 1972" (mimeographed, Newark, 1972); Arnold Clark, "Retirement Party Talk, May 21, 1981" (mimeographed, 1981).

Under university auspices many reports have been prepared similar to Angela Zawacki "A History of Nonresident Undergraduate Enrollment" (Institutional Research Study 81-25, March 16, 1982), and Carol Pemberton, "Academic Growth in Social Sciences, Humanities and Natural Science in Various Curriculum Groups," (Office of Academic Planning and Evaluation, September 14, 1972). Barbara Y. McEwing, Fiftieth Anniversary, Delaware Academy of Medicine...Wilmington, Delaware (Wilmington, 1980) includes the text of the significant Penrod Report on needs for medical education in Delaware.