University of Delaware

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The University of Delaware: A History

Published Work, Student Theses, and Duplicated Materials

Comprehensive Histories of the University

The most inclusive previous history of the university is William D. Lewis, University of Delaware: Ancestors, Friends and Neighbors, in Delaware Notes 34 (1961): 1-242. A fairly comprehensive coverage is also provided by Henry Schwaneger, "History of Higher Education in Delaware" (Ed.D. diss., University of Pennsylvania, 1969). Lyman P. Powell, The History of Education in Delaware (Washington, 1893), is excellent for the period covered. It can be supplemented with Edward N. Vallandigham, Fifty Years of Delaware College, 1870-1920 (Newark). A short account by Christopher Ward, The University of Delaware: A Historical Sketch (Newark, 1934), was reissued anonymously, with additions, as A Brief History of the University of Delaware (Newark, 1940). David F. Allmendinger, Jr., has collected and duplicated much valuable primary material for his students under the title, "The University of Delaware in the Nineteenth Century" (Newark, 1976).

The library has attracted particular interest from students. Stephanie Bauersfeld, "The Growth and Development of the University of Delaware Library...1833-1965" (M.S.L.S. thesis, Catholic University, 1967), is valuable, but the most comprehensive study is Carol E. Hoffecker and John A. Munroe, Books, Bricks, and Bibliophiles: The University of Delaware Library (Newark, 1984). There are two good earlier short accounts: William D. Lewis, "The Library: 1834-1934," Alumni News, May 1934, 29-32, and Augustus H. Able, III, and William D. Lewis, "The Library Story (1833-1953)," Delaware Notes 26 (1953): 77-91.

Material regarding the university can be found in two local histories: Egbert G. Handy and James L. Vallandigham, Jr., Newark, Delaware: Past and Present (Newark, 1882), and Francis A. Cooch, Little Known History of Newark, Delaware, and Its Environs (Newark, 1936). Some information is to be found in J. Thomas Scharf, History of Delaware, 1609-1888, 2 vols. (Philadelphia, 1888).