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AAUP Steering Committee Minutes
May 2, 2012

1.   Meeting called to order by UD-AAUP President Calvin Keeler. Agenda sequence modified to accommodate schedule of presenters.

2.   Letters of Understanding committees. There were four Letters of Understanding in the 2010–2013 CBA requiring mutual action of UD-AAUP and the administration. David Smith presented the status of three of them.

a)   Workshops for Chairs and Deans (CBA p.38). Workshops to educate Chairs and other unit directors regarding the CBA were mandated, with required participation of both AAUP and Administration. One planning meeting was held early in the contract, and nothing further has happened. A deadline of April 5, 2011, has long passed with no apparent ongoing action.

b)  Categories of Instruction (CBA p.40). The goal of clarifying, shortening, and generally improving footnote 4 of section 11.8 (p.22) was addressed by a committee of faculty (David Smith, Fred Hofstetter, Alan Fox) and administrators (Deputy Provost Nancy Brickhouse, A&S Dean George Watson, Music Chair Paul Head). A letter containing recommendations has been distributed for discussion by chairs and AAUP. The letter contains suggestions by how units with special workload needs may modify their workload policies, but actual action is generally left up to the units. The status of this letter is only to serve as a suggestion to the next CBA negotiations, so no further action is required.

 c)          CBA/Faculty Handbook inconsistencies (CBA p.41). The "3-3-3" committee was established to resolve incompatibilities between the Faculty Handbook and the CBA, primarily by suggesting revisions of the Faculty Handbook to the Faculty Senate. Membership has varied, but currently consists of three UD-AAUP representatives (Grievance Officer David Smith, Vice President DaniloYanich, Secretary Brian Hanson), three administration representatives (Deputy Provost Nancy Brickhouse, CEOE Dean Nancy Targett, AVP of Employee Relations Tom LaPenta), and three Faculty Senate representatives (Past President John Madsen, President-Elect Sheldon Pollack, Beth Morling).

Early work by this committee primarily dealt with the influence of section 11.5 (p.22) on Promotion and Tenure decisions. Suggestions of the committee and others have been incorporated into widely discussed Faculty Senate resolutions. Faculty Senate President Jeff Jordan (present at the meeting) indicated that no further action by the Senate is expected this academic year.

Continuing work by the committee has focused on minor inconsistencies and removal of redundant and obsolete matters from the Faculty Handbook. The committee continues to meet.

3.   A mission statement draft circulated in the agenda was discussed. Further input from the steering committee included suggestion redrafts and revisions, with the general trend of making the statement broader and more assertive. All suggestions will be gathered by the Executive Committee and another draft (or multiple alternatives)presented to the membership.

4.   Salary Comparison Study (Contract Maintenance Officer Gerry Turkel) distributed the rank-wise salary comparison tables of our regional comparator institutions. We are slightly above median at all ranks and very near to our usual closely compared institutions (Rutgers, Maryland).

5.   Salary Disparity Study (Turkel). Study has been completed and is being discussed by administration, but has not yet been shared with us.

6.   Benefits Changes (Turkel). Email from UD-AAUP to all faculty has already been circulated calling attention to significant benefits changes. All changes are positive for faculty and the university, with expected $2.5 million on reduced costs for the university over five years. Delaware HB81 will require future co-pays to be based on percentage of premiums rather than set dollar amount, which has no implications at this time but will be monitored.

7.   Opened for discussion of New Business. Questions arose about actions of UD-AAUP regarding a proposed Emergency Involuntary Leave currently under discussion in the Faculty Senate. Gerry Turkel indicated that he had been consulted during the drafting of the proposal in his role as Contract Maintenance Officer and he had determined that the proposal did not contain language in conflict with the CBA or objectionable to the national AAUP. The UD-AAUP Executive Council has taken no official position on whether the proposal should or should not be passed.

Respectfully submitted,
Brian Hanson