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Minutes from February 28, 2005 Open Faculty Meeting

10 - 10:45am; 347 McDowell Hall

Present: Linda Bucher (presiding), Richard Braun, Leon Campbell, Peter Cole, Howard Garland, Francis Kwansa, Jelena Mirkovic, Russell Murray, James Raths, David Smith, Gerry Turkel, Judy Van Name, and Danilo Yanich.

President Linda Bucher called the meeting to order and everyone introduced themselves. Linda explained that according to our current bylaws, a ballot will be distributed within two weeks of this meeting, to the AAUP membership and two-thirds of those voting must agree to the changes for the changes to be ratified.

Members of the bylaws subcommittee were: Linda Bucher, President; Sheldon Pollack, Treasurer; and Danilo Yanich, Vice-President. Linda explained that the committee's proposals were first shared with and refined by the Executive Council, then they were shared with the Steering Committee last fall, and finally they were distributed to the faculty via the December newsletter. Additional feedback resulted in one further revision.

Linda reviewed each of the proposed changes as outlined in the newsletter. There was discussion regarding Recommended Change #7: III.B. Powers of the Executive Council. It was pointed out IV. C. 1. of the revised bylaws (below) addresses the procedure for the Steering Committee to call a meeting.

"The Steering Committee shall meet regularly while negotiations are in progress. Other meetings may be called by the Chairperson or by one-third of the members."

Article VIII Amendment. Linda presented a revised Article VIII, and stated that, based on faculty feedback, most favored that (2) read: submitted to the Executive Council by no fewer than ten (10) members in good standing of the UD-AAUP...

The following revision to Article VIII will be circulated with the ballot:

These Bylaws may be amended, altered, or repealed by the affirmative vote of a majority of those UD-AAUP members voting by secret mail ballot. Before any such proposal to amend, alter, or repeal these Bylaws shall be submitted to the membership for a vote, such proposal first must be either (1) approved by a majority of the Executive Council at a regularly scheduled meeting, or at any special meeting duly convened by the Executive Council, or (2) submitted to the Executive Council by no fewer than ten (10) members in good standing of the UD-AAUP along with a formal request that the Executive Council submit such proposal to the membership for ratification. In either case, a meeting open to all UD-AAUP members shall be held two weeks prior to the membership vote to discuss such proposed Bylaw changes. Any change in these Bylaws shall take effect when so adopted unless otherwise provided in the resolution effecting the change.

The ballot and a cover letter will be mailed to "members only" within the next two weeks.

Linda reminded attendees that elections of new officers will occur during fall semester with terms starting January 1, 2006. Anyone interested in a possible position on the Executive Council should notify her.

Respectfully submitted by Judith Van Name