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Minutes from January 19, 2005 Steering Committee Meeting

2-2:30 pm, 347 McDowell Hall

Present: Pat Barber, Richard Braun, Linda Bucher, Leon Campbell, David Colton, Paul Evenson, Kevin Kerrane, Carolyn Manning, Fran Mayhew, Russell Murray, Sheldon Pollack, David Smith, Gerry Turkel, Judy Van Name, Julie Wilgen, and Danilo Yanich.

President Linda Bucher called the meeting to order and distributed copies of Steering Committee responsibilities (from the AAUP Bylaws) and the confidential Collective Bargaining Proposal. Everyone introduced themselves.

It was noted that the Steering Committee would meet regularly as determined by the Bargaining Team. Linda Bucher informed the Steering Committee that there will be an Open Faculty meeting Mon Feb 28 at 10 am in a location to be announced. The focus of this meeting will be to discuss the bylaws revisions.

Article XI Faculty Workload

Russell Murray presented an alternate proposal for determining workload:

11.9 Except by mutual agreement, teaching and advisement of each individual's workload will not average in excess of 12 contact hours per week per semester for the academic year...

12 contact hours constitutes a 100% workload for the semester for the academic year. Assignment of a workload of other contact hours per week per semester will be prorated as a percentage of workload for the semester, e.g. 9 contact hours per week per semester constitutes a 75% workload for the semester for the academic year; 6 contact hours per week per semester constitutes a 50% workload for the semester for the academic year; 3 contact hours per week per semester constitutes a 25% workload for the semester for the academic year...

Footnote 3: Each hour spent in scheduled classroom teaching counts as 1 contact hour. Each hour spent in scheduled laboratory, field, studio or clinical instruction and individual instruction counts as 2/3 contact hour...

Chief Negotiator David Colton thought this would be better to bargain for and Gerry Turkel was also supportive of the faculty workload proposal. Leon suggested going with the new one and using the original proposal as a fallback position. Russell Murray will send an electronic version to Linda and Leon.

Article IX Personnel Benefits

Wellness Dollars

There was a discussion about the amount of wellness dollars.


We may have to price out the cost of administered leave for fathers.


There are 4,645 gold parking spots and 3,900 faculty and staff. We need to know how many gold parking permits are sold. A fallback position to the proposal is to make all parking gated. We want parking available at the same cost. It would be good to get assurance it would not increase in cost.

Article XII Salary

Salary request will be COLA + 3.5% for merit in year 1 and year 2.

David Colton advised that we should go for a small number of important items. He also emphasized that all requests for information from the press, administrators, etc. be forwarded to him. Faculty should not discuss the bargaining process with the press or any similar persons. David also emphasized that the Steering Committee must rally the faculty and win their support for the proposed bargaining items. Department Representatives will be invited to future Steering Committee meetings. The January aaUPBEAT will include the results of the faculty survey and the February newsletter will be a summary of the collective bargaining proposal.

Information about salary equity studies and deadlines for a study will be in the January newsletter. Equity is determined within departments not across the University. It does not matter if one is going up for promotion. There are three ways to request a salary equity study: through the department chair, Mike Middaugh or Leon Campbell. Gender equity is reviewed at the same time.

Administration will be offering a Vision Care Program providing options for coverage for individual, individual plus spouse, individual plus children and family. It was noted that other universities have voluntary vision plans that many faculty participate in. The $175 for annual health exams has been used primarily for costs related to vision care. Blue Cross/Blue Shield now pays for annual physicals.

The Collective Bargaining Proposal, with the faculty workload changes proposed by Russell Murray was unanimously supported (12-0) by the Steering Committee for presentation to the Administration on Wednesday, Jan 26, 2005.

Respectfully submitted by Judith Van Name