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AAUP Executive Council Minutes
December 18, 2007
Room 302 McDowell Hall, 12:30 – 2:00 PM

PRESENT: Linda Bucher, Pat Barber, Leon Campbell, Kevin Kerrane, Sheldon Pollack, David Smith, Gerald Turkel.

 Executive Session: Brief update on current issues was presented by D. Smith, Griveance Officer and L. Campbell, Contract Maintenance Officer.

 Regular Meeting :

Approval of/Additions to Agenda: None
Approval of Minutes: Minutes of 11/26/07 were approved as distributed.

1. Treasurer’s Report:
S. Pollack suggested that we purchase Quick Books and discontinue our bookkeeping services (Naomi). R. Girardi indicated that she was willing to learn this method.

2. New Business:
G. Turkel led discussion regarding issues for upcoming bargaining. Organizational meeting with Administration scheduled for 1/28/08. First Steering Committee meeting to be scheduled during the first or second week of spring semester. First bargaining session likely to be scheduled mid-February.

3. Next Meeting:
1/28/08, 11-1 to discuss bargaining issues.