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AAUP Executive Council Meeting Minute

PRESENT: Linda Bucher (presiding), Leon Campbell, Gerald Turkel, Danilo Yanich, Sheldon Pollack, David Smith, Pat Barber, Calvin Keeler, and Kevin Kerrane

Meeting began in Executive Session with reports from David Smith, Grievance Officer and Leon Campbell, Contract Maintenance Officer

Regular Meeting :
Minutes of 11/17/08 approved with minor corrections (attached).

Office Updates/Issues:
R. Girardi shared that the office computer was ‘down’ and repair was underway; R. Girardi will initiate the process to change signatures on checking; Council meeting minutes will be recorded by R. Girardi assuming meetings are scheduled within her work hours – this draft will be sent to P. Barber for review; R. Girardi will initiate training on and use of Quick Books for accounting purposes in 2009.

Treasurer’s Report:
Sheldon Pollack: S. Pollack will investigate procurement of a debit card.

The AAUP VOICE: Gerry Turkel – Issues will be bimonthly (e.g., Feb/Mar, Apr/May) starting in 09S. L. Bucher will provide farewell remarks in first issue in 09S and J. DelFattore will provide welcoming remarks in second issue in 09S

 A. Old Business:

    • Update on chapter history – no report; email to be sent in January for report from S. Finer

    • AAUP/Administration Annual Evaluation/Merit Pay Committee: S. Pollack, D. Smith, G. Turkel: ongoing

    • 2008-2010 Elections: Results Congratulations to Joan DelFattore, President; Danilo Yanich, Vice-president; Sheldon Pollack, Treasurer; and Pat Barber, Secretary

    • Survey results of non-member faculty were attached and reviewed; Council discussed the possibility of a follow-up survey to initiate a dialogue among nonmembers. L. Bucher will provide D. Yanich with information re: access to data for additional analysis.

    New Business:

    • Merit Survey: Survey to be developed and sent to members (and nonmembers?) re: Merit allocation.

    • 2009 Meeting Schedule: To be determined by new Council in January, 2009

Respectfully submitted,
Linda Bucher