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AAUP Executive Council Minutes
December 6, 2006
Room 302 McDowell Hall, 8:30 a.m.

PRESENT: Linda Bucher (presiding), Leon Campbell, Gerald Turkel, Danilo Yanich, Steve Dentel, Pat Barber, Sheldon Pollack, David Smith, and Kevin Kerrane (secretary)

After approval of the minutes from the November 1 Executive Council meeting, Council went into Executive Session for reports from the Grievance Officer, D. Smith, and the Contract Maintenance Office, L. Campbell.

Regular Meeting:

Office Update: L. Bucher announced that Robert Quinn of the Scholars at Risk Program had sent a note of thanks for the chapter’s contribution of $250. Another letter—from Eric Kaler, Dean of Engineering—notified the Council about a foreign scholar filing for permanent-residency status.

The AAUP Voice: G. Turkel discussed plans for the December issue, which would include a statement of welcome for our new university president, Patrick Harker; the summary of a study on gender equity; and a news note about the Salary Equity process. Spring issues may feature news about a chapter event to thank President Roselle, and perhaps a separate reception in honor of President Harker.

Regarding Salary Equity, L. Campbell announced that the university’s conversion to the PeopleSoft system has created delays, and that the process will be skipped this year, except for money made available to counter outside offers to faculty. Next year, however, there will be a university-wide process of salary analysis.

G. Turkel reported receiving letter from one faculty member in response to the Voice story changes in retirement benefits. Although the letter was based on a misunderstanding (which L. Bucher will clear up in a letter to the faculty member), there does seem to be a problem with the situation of some former part-time instructors.

Discussion turned to a proposed joint meeting between our Executive Council and the Executive Council of the University Senate. S. Pollack observed that their representatives have no interest in discussing the composition of the Senate. One likely agenda item would be the issue of crediting work toward promotion that a faculty member had done at another school before coming to the University of Delaware, and L. Campbell noted the need to formalize a new statement on this question in the Faculty Handbook. L. Bucher said that she would write a letter about such changes to the Senate Committee on Welfare and Privileges, offering to hold a follow-up meeting.

At L. Bucher’s request, David Bellamy has agreed to serve as the AAUP representative on the Parking Advisory Commission for the this coming year.

In his Treasurer’s Report, S. Pollack announced that the chapter’s tax return had been filed in mid-November, but he proposed that in future, the tax return should be filed by an outside firm which would also provide a general audit, a “light review.” (The Cover and Rossiter firm can do both for $4,000.) This motion was seconded by D. Smith and passed unanimously.

The Council meeting concluded with a report from G. Turkel about the recent National AAUP meeting in Washington. The finances of the national organization will now be overseen by an independent accounting firm, and there seems general agreement that the organization is “on the right track.”

L. Bucher announced that spring meetings of the Executive Council would be scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month, beginning with February 7.

Respectfully submitted,
Kevin Kerrane