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AAUP Executive Council Minutes Thursday, December 1, 2005

Room 302 MDH, 10L00 a.m.-12:00 noon

PRESENT: Linda Bucher (presiding), Leon Campbell, Gerald Turkel, Sheldon Pollack, Danilo Yanich, Steve Dentel, David Smith, and Kevin Kerrane (secretary).

The meeting began in Executive Session with reports by Leon Campbell (Contract Maintenance Officer) and David Smith (Grievance Officer).

At the close of the Executive Session, the minutes of the November 2 Executive Council meeting were distributed and approved, with one correction: the addition of Danilo Yanich as among those present.

S. Pollack followed with a Treasurer’s Report, which he summarized in three words: “We’re doing fine.” The consensus of discussion was that we should secure the services of professional auditors for them to conduct a review of the chapter’s accounts. Sheldon will contact the firm that prepares our tax return and arrange for them to conduct an audit.

G. Turkel reported that the November issue of The AAUP Voice was late, and that the following issue would be a combined January-February publication. S. Pollack proposed that the newsletters should soon include a notice outlining information available on the web about grievances, ideally with anonymous cases used to illustrate various issues and options.

Under “Old Business,” Gerry announced that the February 22 visit by Roger Bowen co-sponsored with the Provost’s Office, would be publicized in the Voice as well as in flyers.

L. Bucher reminded the council that the first meeting of the Joint Committee on Health Care would be held on December 9.

L. Bucher reviewed results of the recent AAUP election, which drew just over 100 votes and returned current Council members to office by overwhelming margins and elected K. Kerrane to the secretary’s position. She also reported that Patricia Barber has accepted the Executive Council’s invitation to serve as the second at-large member (starting spring semester).

Chapter history project: Council agreed that Steve Finner will complete the Chapter history project. G. Turkel to contact and firm up conditions.

Parking: L. Bucher provided summary of the recent meeting with Maxine, Jim Flately and Jim Grimes re: parking. MDH (Hollingsworth #19 Lot) has improved dramatically since number of resident permits was reduced from 300 to 197. Parking behind Pearson Hall remains problematic. There are no resident permits in this lot – all gold. Many are held by graduate assistants. Several suggestions forwarded by Sheldon (ex. bike rack inside the parking garage) were shared at this meeting. Update on this will be provided in the Dec/Jan issue of The AAUP Voice.

Donation to the AAUP National Endowment Fund: Gerry reported that he has not received any (positive or negative) feedback from the article in the Nov. AAUP Voice regarding our intent to commit monies to this fund. Final decision will be deferred to first meeting in the spring semester.

New Business: Steering Committee Elections: Spring, 2006 L. Bucher will distribute the openings on the Steering Committee to the Council members and Steering Committee members for advice during winter session.

Recommendation from Gerry for Executive Council to meet with Dean Apple. L. Bucher will facilitate a meeting during spring semester.

The Executive Council has been invited to participate in the interview process for the selection of the Dean of the College of Business and Economics. Meetings with Drs. Gempesaw and Sawyer (candidates) have been scheduled. All council members are encouraged to attend.

Next Meeting: Council members are requested to submit teaching schedules to Rita (ASAP) for development of spring meeting schedule.

Respectfully submitted,

K. Kerrane
L. Bucher