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AAUP Executive Council
November 7, 2012

MEMBERS PRESENT: Prasad Dhurjati, Diane Ferry, Brian Hanson, Calvin Keeler, Leslie Reidel, Dave Smith, Tim Spaulding, Gerry Turkel, Danilo Yanich

ALSO PRESENT: Suzanne Potts, Office Manager

Executive Session:

Reports were given by Contract Maintenance Officer and Grievance Officer.

Open Session:

Prasad gave report on Faculty Senate meeting.  Danilo moved to make resolution similar to Faculty Senate resolution regarding high-level searches.  Motion was unanimously approved.

Faculty Forum--Calvin will talk to Provost in reference to rescheduling.  He will also check to see if the Faculty Senate would be interested in co-sponsoring.

It was announced that the Steering Committee will meet on Tuesday, November 27 at 3:30.  The main topic for the Steering Committee meeting will be approval of the Bargaining Team.

The composition of the Bargaining Team for the next contract negotiations was discussed.  Danilo recommended that Gerry chair the committee.  Gerry Turkel suggested that David Smith and Kevin Kerrane also be on the Team again.  Other members of the Team were discussed in detail.  A number of suggestions were made and potential members will be contacted by members of the Executive Council to see if they will be willing to serve.

Treasurer's Report--Diane stated that the checking account runs a balance ranging from $30,000 - $40,000.  There is currently $385,000 in the Morgan Stanley account.  She also mentioned that National dues have increased over the past three years and since we have not raised dues for faculty, the Local Chapter has been absorbing about $6,000/year.  It was decided that the Chapter will not raise dues and will continue to absorb the higher National dues.  Brian asked for a breakdown of where the Local chapter spends its money.  Diane will put together a report and present it at a future meeting.