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AAUP Executive Council Minutes Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Room 302 MDH, 9:30-12:00 a.m.

PRESENT: Linda Bucher (presiding), Leon Campbell, Gerald Turkel, David Colton, Sheldon Pollack, David Smith, Steve Dentel, Danilo Yanich, and Kevin Kerrane (secretary). Guests: Philip Goldstein, Michael Rosenberg, Maxine Colm.

The meeting began with the introduction of two guests: Professor Philip Goldstein and Michael Rosenberg, both of the UD Academic Center-Wilmington. Professor Goldstein hoped that the Executive Council would support his argument to the UD administration that CNTT faculty who publish or do other scholarly work should get course reductions.

Leon Campbell pointed out that this matter needs to be determined between individual chairs and faculty rather than the central administration, and reminded our guests that the current contract takes precedence over any language in the Faculty Handbook. Gerry Turkel agreed that there appears to be no basis for a grievance—but noted an anomaly - if a professor is being evaluated partly on scholarship and scholarship is not part of his workload, this conflicts with the purpose of the workload planning document and its role in evaluation. In this regard, David Smith stressed the primary importance of the yearly planning document accurately reflecting expectations for teaching, scholarship and service.

After Philip and Michael left, the Executive Council turned to “Old Business”—starting with the composition of the a joint committee of the faculty and administration which, in keeping with the new contract, will “review and consider prospective changes to the current health care program for retired faculty in light of the increasing cost of providing comprehensive health care coverage to retired faculty .” Maxine Colm briefly visited to discuss various possibilities for the composition of the committee. After she departed, the Council agreed that a committee of six—plus a chairperson—was a reasonable and a manageable working number for this task. Council agreed that Maxine Colm would solicit a chairperson. Three committee members would be recommended from the AAUP and three from the Administration. Nine faculty members had volunteered to serve on the committee, and the Council voted to invite Patricia Barber, Leon Campbell, and David Colton—with Linda Bucher serving as an alternate—to serve. Council also wanted to thank the others who were willing to serve, and to ask for their input as the joint Health Care Committee developed proposals.

Also under “Old Business,” Gerry Turkel suggested that the November issue of “The AAUP Voice” could include a proposal—or perhaps just an explanation—regarding a donation from our chapter to the AAUP National Endowment.

On the issue of our chapter history, David Smith reported that Steve Finner (who may write the history) believes that the AAUP lawyer should write a letter to the graduate student originally commissioned to do this job in which the return of chapter documents would be demanded. Sheldon Pollack suggested that Steve Finner himself should draft the letter.

Ballots for the Executive Council elections will be mailed on 11/3. Ballots need to be returned on or before 11/15.

L. Bucher will meet with Jim Grimes and Maxine Colm to discuss parking per the new contract on 11/9.

S. Pollack attended the meeting of the Finance Committee/Board of Trustees Meeting on 11/1.

New Business

Under "New Business" the Council agreed that we should arrange a lunch with the new Dean of Arts and Sciences, Tom Apple, to clear up any misconceptions that the AAUP is an impediment to progress on workload issues. Discussion followed about the implications of “outcomes-based assessments” in the undergraduate program—whether, for example, it might affect course content and testing, and whether some applications might blur the distinction between what’s measurable and what’s significant. Gerry Turkel suggested that this topic deserved coverage in “The AAUP Voice,” perhaps with the inclusion of a questionnaire.

The rest of the Council meeting was conducted in Executive Session.

Next meeting will be 12/1/05 at 9:30 in Rm. 302 .

Respectfully submitted,

Kevin Kerrane