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AAUP Executive Council Minutes
November 1, 2006
Room 302 McDowell Hall, 8:30 a.m.


PRESENT: Linda Bucher (presiding), Leon Campbell, Gerald Turkel, Danilo Yanich, Steve Dentel, Pat Barber, Sheldon Pollack, David Smith, and Kevin Kerrane (secretary)

After approval of the minutes from the October 4 th Executive Council meeting, Council went into Executive Session for reports from the Grievance Officer, D. Smith, and the Contract Maintenance Office, L. Campbell.

Regular Meeting:

Office Update: L. Bucher announced that a 5% raise for Office Assistant Rita Girardi has been formalized.

Treasurer’s Report: S. Pollack provided a spreadsheet showing our chapter’s assets and liabilities from January 1 through September 30, 2006. The consensus of discussion was that, in order to avoid any possible criticism, the chapter’s tax return, like our annual audit, should be done by an outside accountant rather than a UD faculty member.

As a member of the audit commission for the National AAUP, S. Pollack noted that—although there have been no accusations of malfeasance—the accounting seems to have been chaotic. Some chapters have suspended payment of their dues, or have put the money in escrow, but our chapter is continuing to pay monthly dues of $6,000.

The AAUP Voice : G. Turkel explained that the October issue of The AAUP Voice was delayed because the Farley Printing Company had been so busy with work relating to the November elections. He added that the November issue would include David Smith’s clarification of “Grievances” and “Complaints”—and that the December issue would include Leon Campbell’s explanation of the Salary Equity process. Old Business:

With regard to the Chapter History project, G. Turkel reported that Judy Van Name, our former Council secretary, might help Steve Finner on the manuscript.

  • L. Bucher observed that the Joint Fall Luncheon with the Provost (October 25) was well attended—and that the speaker, a Rwandan who is being reviewed for asylum by the U. S. State Department, was also well received. She then invited suggestions for the Joint Spring Luncheon, and S. Dentel proposed a presentation on the legitimacy of “electronic degrees”—credentials obtained through so-called diploma mills—and D. Yanich and S. Pollack agreed that this would be a timely topic. It was suggested that one joint meeting (e.g., every fall semester) with the Provost’s office would be sufficient per academic year.

Regarding a proposed joint meeting between the AAUP and the Executive Council of the University Senate, L. Bucher outlined several possible topics of discussion: the promotion-and-tenure process, the awarding of named professorships,

the status of web-enhanced courses, the purviews of separate committees on welfare and privileges, and the composition of the University Senate itself.

New Business:

In discussing the search for a new University of Delaware president, several Council members were disturbed that the large search committee included only three members of the faculty. L. Campbell suggested that Linda Bucher write a letter to Howard Cosgrove asking for AAUP involvement when finalists are invited to campus.

G. Turkel moved that the chapter contribute $250 to the SAR program. P. Barber seconded the motion, which passed with no negative votes and one abstention (by S. Pollack).

National AAUP:

G. Turkel announced that he would be attending the rescheduled CBC meeting in Washington, D. C., on December 1-2. P. Barber mentioned that she might also go.

L. Bucher concluded with a reminder of the final Council meeting of the semester: Wednesday, December 6, at 8:30.

Respectfully submitted,
Kevin Kerrane