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AAUP Executive Council
October 10, 2012

MEMBERS PRESENT: Prasad Dhurjati, Diane Ferry, Brian Hanson, Calvin Keeler, Leslie Reidel, Dave Smith, Tim Spaulding, Gerry Turkel, Danilo Yanich

ALSO PRESENT: Suzanne Potts, Office Manager

The minutes from the September 12, 2012 Executive Council meeting were accepted and approved.

Executive Session:

Reports were given by Contract Maintenance Officer and Grievance Officer.

Open Session:

Office space was discussed.

Speakers were discussed.  Speaker will have joint sponsorship with Provost's Office and AAUP.  Gerry will contact AAUP for speaker.

Leslie brought up topic of increasing membership.  Ways of doing so were discussed.

Articles are being written for first issue of The Voice.  Tim will circulate draft when information has been submitted.  It was suggested that there be an article on RBB in one of the upcoming Newsletters.

Calvin will send e-mail regarding Steering Committee membership.

Surveys were discussed.  A suggestion was made that the first survey be five open-ended questions.  Leslie brought up the fact that surveys may not be the way to go.  Prasad stated that we should focus on PR.  Leslie stated that any communication to faculty should be aggressive and persuasive.  Danilo suggested that AAUP spend money on PR.  Diane suggested hiring an outside communications specialist to assist in short-term strategies for increasing membership and gaining exposure for AAUP was discussed.  Calvin will also be more aggressive about talking to departments and colleges.

Prasad gave report on Faculty Senate Meeting.  Calvin will make request to address the Faculty Senate in regards to the AAUP.

Calvin gave report on meeting with Nancy Brickhouse and Sheldon Pollock regarding Articles 11.4 and 11.5 in the CBA.  There was a discussion regarding the proposed changes.