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AAUP Executive Council
September 25, 2009
8:00 am - 10:30 am

Members present: Joan DelFattore, David Smith, Linda Bucher, Leon Campbell, Gerry Turkel, Danilo Yanich, Calvin Keeler, Doug Buttrey, and Pat Barber

Executive Session:

Reports were given except for the treasurer since that position is vacant.

Approval of Agenda and Minutes:

Agenda was approved as provided. Minutes from September 4 th and September 11 th 2009 were approved.

Old Business:

There was no old business to be discussed.

New Business:  

  1. The bargaining team for the next contract negotiations was unanimously nominated. Members are Linda Bucher, David Smith, Gerry Turkel, Leon Campbell and Kevin Kerrane.
    a) Council will have the web site updated to include information that notifies faculty when a bargaining team is no longer in effect.

  2. Council discussed filling the remaining two vacancies on the Steering Committee. A Steering Committee meeting will be called once that is done. Prospective members will be contacted by members of the Council.

  3. Drafts of a letter to AAUP’s tax attorney prepared by David Smith was reviewed and edited. Following further email editing, David will send it to the attorney by e-mail. Council also reviewed and edited an e-mail to department reps and a recruitment e-mail for non-members prepared by Joan DelFattore. Following additional email editing, Joan will send out the edited materials.

  4. Council discussed possible topics for inclusion on the pre-bargaining questionnaire (e.g., merit policy, class size, allocation of salary increase [e.g., merit vs. across the board]). Council will review (before the next meeting) the pre-bargaining questionnaire used for the last contract negotiations.


The AAUP Voice will be sent from AAUP Executive Council following the next Steering Committee meeting in October.

Next meeting: October 9, 2009. Meeting to be held in 243 Wolf Hall.

Respectfully submitted,
Pat Barber, Secretary