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AAUP Executive Council
September11, 2009
8:00 am - 10:30 am

Members present: Joan DelFattore, David Smith, Linda Bucher, Leon Campbell, Gerry Turkel, Danilo Yanich, Calvin Keeler, and Pat Barber

Executive Session:

Grievance officer: no report
Treasurer: No report
Contract maintenance officer: Leon Campbell

Approval of Agenda and Minutes

The agenda was approved but minutes were not provided.

Old Business:

  • Council discussed the enrollment form to be used during the recruitment effort. Different proposed scenarios were addressed for membership dues. Presently, new faculty hires do not pay dues the first year. Council was reminded that yearly membership—local and state—begins when dues are actually paid.

New Business:

  • There has been no administrative individual identified as of this date to handle contract negotiations with the AAUP negotiating team. Council will contact administration to request a letter confirming J.J. Davis is taking over the role of Dr. Maxine Colm as the administrative representative to the Council.

  • Council continued discussion of yearly membership recruitment efforts. Joan DelFatorre provided a proposed recruitment letter to non-members. Letter would include information reminding faculty that the contract covers everyone but only members can vote on the contract proposals during contract negotiations. Benefits of AAUP membership will be highlighted in the recruitment letter and posted on the AAUP web site as well. It was suggested that a reminder to faculty that AAUP is a meaningful vehicle for faculty to be heard on employment issues be included. Council approved the letter’s format and content. Members were reminded that the handbook is a part of the contract.

  • Council discussed completing the following activities during the AAUP member recruitment effort:

    • Fill missing slots on the steering committee and departmental representatives’ list. Colleges and departments will be encouraged to provide names for inclusion in these vacant slots.

    • Send an e-mail to non-members urging them to join now.

    • Survey faculty members for concerns before negotiations begin.

    • Have the steering committee review the recruitment e-mail along with a list of members and non-members in their own department. Encourage them to make individual contact with non-members.

    • Visit with new hires during orientation and hand out recruitment packages

    • Inform department chairs that Executive Council members are available to talk with faculty during department meetings.

    • Meet CNTT faculty and tenure-track assistant professors to canvass their concerns.

    • Hold an open house for prospective members

Discussion held as to waiving dues for both newly hired faculty and faculty deciding to join for the first time or join again after a lapse in membership.

AAUP Voice:

  • Gerry will send the Voice out soon and it will include some of the items discussed above.

A e-mail reminder will be sent that Executive Council is filling the vacant treasurer’s position and it will encourage nominations. Requirements for nominating faculty will be included as well. Calvin Keeler has been nominated for the position by the Executive Council.

Respectfully submitted,
Pat Barber, Secretary