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AAUP Executive Council
May 16, 2012

MEMBERS PRESENT: Prasad Dhurjati, Diane Ferry, Brian Hanson, Calvin Keeler, Leslie, Reidel, Dave Smith, Tim Spaulding, Gerry Turkel

: Suzanne Potts, Office Manager

Minutes from 4/18/12 meeting were approved.

Executive Session:

Reports were given by Contract Maintenance Officer and Grievance Officer.

Open Session:

Prasad Dhurjati suggested more structure to Executive Council meetings by possibly putting time limits on discussion points.  It was agreed that, where possible, the meetings would move along in a timely manner.

Steering Committee Meeting Report:

Calvin Keeler noted that it should be made clear to faculty that the AAUP represents all members of the Bargaining Unit, whether tenure-track or CNTT.

Gerry Turkel noted that a committee may be formed to discuss Article 11.5.  If committee is formed, CNTT faculty needs to be represented on this committee.  Three items need to be taken into account when discussing this matter: 1) the University is a top-notch research university; the University provides a top-notch undergraduate education, and 3) faculty should be promoted based on workload.

The AAUP-UD Mission Statement was discussed.  Some Steering Committee members thought we should use the National Mission Statement. After some discussion, Steering Committee members were encouraged to submit ideas for additions and changes to the AAUP-UD statement.

Members of the Steering Committee noted that they would like to be more involved.

A list of items to be worked on over the Summer was discussed:
    Set up a series of faculty surveys for the Fall.
    Special events for the 2012-13 academic year.
    Plan series of Newsletters (The Voice) for the Fall.    
    Set up visits to Colleges and Departments to educate faculty on the role of AAUP-UD.

It was announced that the 2012 AAUP-UD Undergraduate Student Awards were presented to Joey Kim, Chemical Engineering and Brennan Robinson, Philosophy.

One of the first items of business for Fall 2012 will be to nominate Bargaining Committee and submit slate to the Steering Committee for approval.