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Minutes from May 12, 2006 Executive Council Meeting

8:00 -10 am; 302 McDowell Hall

PRESENT: Linda Bucher (presiding), Leon Campbell, Danilo Yanich, David Smith, Steve Dentel, Pat Barber, Sheldon Pollack, and Kevin Kerrane (secretary).

Minutes from the March 10 th and April 14 th Executive Council meetings were approved.

Council went into Executive Session for reports from the Grievance Office, D. Smith, and the Contract Maintenance Office, L. Campbell.

Regular Meeting:

Office Update: It was proposed that Rita Girardi look into a desktop publishing program for The AAUP Voice. Farley could still do the printing. D. Yanich pointed out that it would be good to have layout under our control, and that it would be easy to obtain technical help on campus. L. Bucher will follow up with Rita.

Treasurer’s Report: S. Pollack noted that the first installment ($5,000) of our pledge to the National would be sent out on July 1, and that chapter investments now included two moderate-risk mutual funds.

The AAUP Voice: S. Pollack suggested that assistance could be provided by an undergraduate, either as a work-study student or as an intern. D. Yanich added that a graduate student might serve as a research assistant for content.

Old Business:

Chapter history project. L. Bucher suggested that our former secretary, Judy Van Name, might serve as Steve Finner’s helper on this project, and L. Campbell proposed that Judy review whatever S. Dentel submits as a draft. D. Smith emphasized that Judy would be an invaluable resource: “She knows a lot of Chapter history—and she cares.”

Committee on Health Care for Retired Faculty: L. Bucher announced that, at the upcoming Steering Committee luncheon, D. Colton would be presenting a report on two recent meetings of the Committee on Health Care for Retired Faculty. Several options for changes in retirement benefits for new faculty are being explored. Next meeting is scheduled for 5/15/06.

Steering Committee election: V. Martin was elected to the Steering Committee representing Arts and Science.

Joint Fall Luncheon (with Provost): L. Bucher and G. Turkel will meet with M. Colm and Provost Rich on 5/19/06 to discuss fall program.


New Business:

Steering Committee Luncheon Meeting: Scheduled for 5/17/06

National AAUP:

AAUP State Conference Leaders’ Meeting: Meeting with representatives from Delaware State University and UD was held on 4/14/06. J. Buck also attended.

L. Bucher reminded council members that attendance at the AAUP Annual meeting and the Summer Institute was encouraged and expenses would be reimbursed by the chapter.

Respectfully submitted,

Kevin Kerrane
Linda Bucher