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AAUP Executive Council
May 4, 2009

Members present: Joan DelFattore, Prasad Dhurjati, Calvin Keeler, Linda Bucher (via phone), Leon Campbell, Sheldon Pollack, David Smith, Gerry Turkey, Danilo Yanich, Pat Barber

Guest: Kevin Kerrane (former secretary)

Executive Session

1. Contract maintenance report: Leon Campbell
2. Grievance Officer report: David Smith had no report
3. Treasurer’s report: Sheldon Pollack

New Business:

The agenda was approved as submitted.
Minutes of April 13, 2009 were approved as submitted.

A discussion was held concerning steering committee meeting scheduled for May 5, 2009, 3:30 pm in 204 McDowell Hall.

David Smith asked the Executive Council to approve the letter written by the joint committee organized by UD administration to examine the merit pay policies of various academic departments and programs of the university. The council approved the letter as written.

Council discussed the health care premium increases that faculty and staff would face soon. UD administrators had told us there would be a 50% increase in the cost of health care premiums but faculty/staff would have sufficient time to review and make decisions about which plan to use before it would be implemented. University employees were not given adequate time to review the plans before the change was made. University employees have only recently been able to review the information on the UD Benefits web site.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Pat Barber