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AAUP Executive Council Minutes

Friday, April 14, 2006

Room 347 McDowell Hall, 8:00-10:00 a.m.

PRESENT: Linda Bucher (presiding), David Smith, Leon Campbell, Sheldon Pollack, Pat Barber.

Following deferral of the approval of the minutes from 3/10/06 , the Council met in Executive Session for a report from David Smith, Grievance Officer and Leon Campbell, Contract Maintenance Officer.

Following the Executive Session,

D. Smith added Annual Evaluation/Merit Increases to New Business.

Office Updates/Issues: New letterhead paper ordered – sample distributed.

Treasurer’s Report:

S. Pollack attended the Board of Trustees Financial meeting on 4/13/06. Suggested that the Executive Council spend some time discussing investment options (e.g., to earn a higher return on chapter money). Also should discuss the purpose of our savings – should we do something with the money. L. Campbell noted that we recently did commit $25000 to the national AAUP endowment.

 The AAUP VOICE: L. Bucher reported sending a response letter to R. Bohm regarding the termination of his services. Next issue to focus on Healthcare. R. Girardi reported that she would be interested in learning desktop publishing. Stated she would need to purchase Microsoft Publisher and Adobe Integration w/Print Shop. L. Bucher will investigate cost related to having printer do same. Discussed possibility of hiring a graduate student to assist with production of newsletter.

Old Business:

Chapter history project – report deferred

Committee on Health Care for Retired Faculty: Meeting held on 3/20/06 . Attended by L. Bucher and P. Barber. B. Gempesaw reiterated that there would be no changes in retiree health benefits for current faculty. Distributed chart indicating retiree health benefits across several different universities. Will investigate the state criteria for vesting in Retiree Health Benefits.

Next meeting: 4/17/06

Steering Committee Election Results: Arts and Sciences: B. Aguirre, J. Bieber, J. DelFattore, N. Gross, H. Ross, A. Seraphin. Run off election in progress for 7 th opening; Agriculture and Natural Resources: S. Kitto, P. Krishnan; Business and Economics: A. Fields; Engineering and Marine Studies: F. Kiamilev; Health Sciences: D. Mick, L. Raymond; Human Resources, Education, and Public Policy: J. Raths. Congratulatory letter sent to faculty.

AAUP Student Awardees: Liang-I Kang, Biology and Vivek P. Patel, Neuroscience. Bios and pictures will be included in next issue of The VOICE

New Business:

AAUP State Conference Leaders’ Meeting: 4/14/06 10-11 AM

Steering Committee/Department Reps Spring Meeting: A spring luncheon meeting will be held for the Steering Committee, Department Representatives, Award Committee members and David Bellamy on 5/17/06 at 12 noon in the Collins Rm.(Perkins Center). Flyer will be distributed.

Joint Conference with the Provost in academic year 06-07. G. Turkel, L. Bucher, M. Colm, and D. Rich will meet on 5/19 to discuss Scholars at Risk program. L. Bucher will distribute information about program to Executive Council.

Annual Evaluation and Merit Increase: D. Smith discussed the recently negotiated portion of the CBA that states: “The chair or dean shall also review with the faculty member, upon request, information which indicates the correspondence between merit pay and the faculty member’s department or comparable unit evaluation ratings within that unit so that the faculty member may know whether his or her merit pay is consistent with the annual evaluation.” L. Campbell will speak to M. Colm to see that chairs reveal to faculty the distribution of merit relative to faculty ratings.

News from National AAUP:

Annual AAUP Meeting: June 8-11, Washington , DC . Executive Council members encouraged to attend.

AAUP Summer Institute: July 27-30, Portland , Oregon . Executive Council members encouraged to attend.

Next Meetings: 5/12, 5/17 (Steering Committee Luncheon Meeting)

Respectfully submitted,
Linda Bucher