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Executive Council Meeting Minutes
April 13, 2009
10:15 – 12:15

Members present: Pat Barber, Linda Bucher (via phone), Leon Campbell, Joan DelFattore, Prasad Dhurjati, Calvin Keeler, Sheldon Pollack, David Smith, Gerry Turkel, Danilo Yanich

Guest: Kevin Kerrane (former secretary)

1. Contract maintenance report: Leon Campbell
2. Grievance officer report: David Smith
3. Treasurer's report: Sheldon Pollack
4. Further business in executive session

The agenda was approved as submitted.

Minutes of March 9, 2009 were approved as submitted.

Old Business:

Joan DelFattore announced that we need three (3) more faculty members to represent Arts and Sciences and one (1) for Health Sciences. David Smith did not have additional A&S names. Kevin Kerrane volunteered to be on the steering committee representing A&S. Gerry Turkel will ask David Colton if he would serve as well.

Linda Bucher will contact some others in her college and let Joan DelFattore know by Thursday, April 16 th, if anyone agrees to serve. Once the information is received from Gerry Turkel and Linda Bucher, Rita Girardi will prepare and send ballots to UD-AAUP membership by April 20 th and request a turnaround of no more than a week.

New Business:

Post tenure review: Council will have an in-depth discussion of the faculty handbook’s information on this topic at the next meeting along with the implications of RBB for faculty.

Student scholarships: Congratulatory letters to award recipients were written by Joan DelFattore and are attached to these minutes. Recipient award information will also be included in the next issue of AAUP VOICE.

Other: Gerry Turkel will summarize our expectations with regard to the current contract in AAUP VOICE. Other issues discussed were free speech, applying for sabbatical leave, and the importance of becoming a member of the AAUP.

Salary equity: Leon Campbell reported that Michael Middaugh is trying to collect salary information from the departments at the present time. Gerry Turkel reported that National AAUP has completed their study and a contact will be made with them for that information.

The meeting adjourned at 12:15 pm

Next meeting: Monday, May 11 th, 2009 at 11:15 pm in the AAUP meeting room.

Respectfully submitted,
Patricia S. Barber, Secretary