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AAUP Executive Council
March 21, 2012

MEMBERS PRESENT: Prasad Dhurjati, Diane Ferry, Brian Hanson, Calvin Keeler, Leslie, Reidel, Dave Smith, Tim Spaulding, Gerry Turkel, Danilo Yanich

ALSO PRESENT: Suzanne Potts, Office Manager

Executive Session:

Reports were given by Contract Maintenance Officer and Grievance Officer.

Open Session:

Gerry Turkel gave report on Benefits Committee.  The committee has been working on finalizing the benefits package for the next open enrollment period.

Gerry stated that the University has been working on the Involuntary Leave Policy.  Emergency will be defined by the Vice President and needs to be an imminent threat.

Gerry announced that he testified at the Maryland State Legislature regarding allowing faculty at Community Colleges and University Professors to be able to unionize.

It was suggested that a meeting of the AAUP-UD Steering Committee and Department Representatives meet between 4/18/12 and 5/16/12.  A meeting has been scheduled for 5/2/12.

A request was submitted to invite someone from the National AAUP to speak to AAUP-DE constituents.  It was decided to invite someone to speak in Fall 2012.  It was also discussed that we should invite an AAUP budget representative to speak in February 2013.  A workshop on increasing membership by someone from National AAUP was also discussed.

Dave Smith reported on the Categories of Instruction Committee.  The recommendations to changes in Article 11.8 to be considered for the next bargaining session will be to make it simple and much less specific.

Approved 4/18/12