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Minutes from March 14, 2005 Executive Council Meeting

10:00 am-12:00 noon; 302 McDowell Hall

Present: L. Bucher, L. Campbell, D. Colton, S. Dentel, K. Kerrane, S. Pollack, D. Smith, G. Turkel, J. Van Name, and D. Yanich

Following individual photo shoots for the AAUP website, President Linda Bucher called the meeting to order at 10:15 am. Minutes from the Feb 14, 2005 Exec Council meeting were approved.

Chief Negotiating Officer David Colton reported on bargaining. Sessions are scheduled for: March 18, March 22, April 8, and April 13. Notes from the March 7, 2005 bargaining session were shared with Executive Council. A letter from Maxine stating that Dean Gempesaw would review the buyout policy for Arts and Sciences this spring was also shared.

The next Steering Committee/Department Representative meeting will be Wed March 23, at 10 am in 202 Alison Hall.

David's report of the bargaining focused on three issues: just cause, workload policies and domestic partner benefits.

  1. Just Cause - The definition was added. The union will be notified during the term of the appointment if there is cause for termination.
  2. Workload policies re: credit contact hours and teaching contact hours
    The focus is on the Nursing and Music Departments. Faculty as a unit will have to review their workload policy and show how it affects the typical workload.
  3. Domestic Partner Benefits - A grievance could be filed by a faculty member with a partner whose medical costs are not covered. David is willing to meet with Kate Polig, Facilitator, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Concerns Caucus. It was suggested that we should be invited to one of their meetings. It was noted that Governor McGreevy in New Jersey did it by Executive Order and Governor Minner could do the same.

Changes in merit policies were discussed. The chair or the faculty can propose changes in merit policies. These proposals can be discussed at meetings called according to the department bylaws.

David stated that we are very responsive to logical reasons; however, the argument that "they do not want it in the contract" is not acceptable.

Linda asked how changes are made to the Faculty handbook. Proposals can go through the Faculty Senate Rules Committee to the Faculty Senate or through the AAUP.

David stated that militant faculty are important during bargaining. We are also aware that salary is an important issue for faculty. We must keep faculty informed and involve them. Gerry mentioned that state laws have changed and now there is arbitration. Mediation occurs before arbitration. Faculty must vote on a new contract by early May or bargaining would be suspended until September, 2005.

Leon shared a compensation comparison report with D. Colton. David stated that we used four universities for comparison in the past: Virginia, Rutgers, Maryland, and Penn State.

David Colton and Kevin Kerrane left after presenting the bargaining report.

Executive Council went into Executive Session for the David Smith's Grievance Officer's report and Leon Campbell's Contract Officer's report.

Linda stated there is faculty concern about embedding honors sections in regular courses. According to Maxine Colm, a faculty member can refuse to teach an Honors course that is embedded in a regular course or even a stand alone Honors section. An honors section embedded within a regular course not only weakens teaching but it weakens the Honors program. It was noted that selected units who accepted Honors faculty lines must offer honors sections of courses.

Chapter History

Sheldon wrote a letter to James C. Godwin II requesting the return of AAUP materials within 2 weeks of date of letter. He will follow up and Gerry will do same with Carol Hoffecker.

Treasurer's Report

Sheldon’s Treasurer’s report is dated 12-31-04. Although we are tax exempt, we are not incorporated. We do have indemnification insurance. Gerry moved and Steve seconded a motion to become incorporated. It passed unanimously with 5 votes. Sheldon will initiate paperwork.

Sheldon stated that many other chapters base dues on a percentage of salary. Sheldon proposed considering other dues alternatives. Currently our dues are a flat rate. We could consider percentage of salary or a cut off point for different dues payments. There was general agreement that this should be reviewed once bargaining was completed.


Gerry shared the draft for a new recruitment flyer. It will be sent to non-members with an enrollment card. The March newsletter will address our budget surplus and low dues as well as the Treasurer's and dues comparison report from Sheldon. It will also include an article on Just Cause. There was agreement that Robert Bohm's name should be included as Staff Editor. It was proposed that we may want to consider student interns for the newsletter. It was suggested that a brief table of contents be included on the front page as well as clear titles for the articles within the newsletter.

Farley Printing Company provided an estimate for printing the newsletter and enrollment card. Their estimate of $560 was about $200 less than Alpha Graphics. We will switch to Farley printing in September, 2005 at the same time that the newsletter format will be upgraded.

Old Business

The ballot for the revisions to the Bylaws is in the mail.

John Bieber and Brian Bahnson, both in Chemistry and Biochemistry, were unanimously supported (26-0) in their election as Steering Committee members for the College of Arts & Sciences. Judy recommended Ken Lomax as a temporary replacement on the Steering Committee for Pat Barber in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Judy will follow-up.

Linda shared a hard copy of the beginnings of the new AAUP website by Marc Drumm.

New Business

The Executive Council approved the proposal from Maxine Colm to add Research Faculty to the types of non-tenure track faculty at the University. Linda will send reply letter to Maxine.

Linda stated that according to Maxine, Rick Armitage denied making any negative comments about the faculty union following a recent Newark City Council meeting.

Linda will meet with the faculty in the Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management program today. A meeting is also planned with the faculty in Chemistry.

News from National AAUP

If anyone is interested in being nominated for the Collective Bargaining Congress, please inform Gerry.

April 29 - There is a meeting on Global Strategies for Defending Academic Freedom in NYC. Please contact Gerry for further details.

Future Executive Council meetings:

  • 4-11-05, 10 am, 302 McDowell
  • 5-16-05, 10 am, 302 McDowell

Respectfully submitted by J. Van Name