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AAUP Executive Council Minutes

Friday, March 10, 2006

Room 347 McDowell Hall, 8:00-10:00 a.m.

PRESENT: Linda Bucher (presiding), Leon Campbell, Gerald Turkel, David Smith, Steve Dentel, Pat Barber, and Kevin Kerrane (secretary).

The meeting began in Executive Session with reports from the Grievance Office, David Smith, and the Contract Maintenance Office, Leon Campbell.

The minutes of the February 10, 2006 Executive Council meeting, begun by Kevin Kerrane and completed by Linda Bucher, were approved.

Regular Meeting:

  • A report by the Treasurer, Sheldon Pollack, was distributed as a hard copy.
  • Council then discussed a letter from Robert Bohm regarding The AAUP Voice. Gerry Turkel noted that Robert felt slighted by the decision to dispense with his services, even though he recognized the logic of this decision. Linda Bucher said that she would write a letter of response to Robert, based on notes provided by Gerry.
  • Gerry outlined several topics for the next issues of The AAUP Voice: coverage of Roger Bowen’s visit; an examination of the recent controversy of a Physics instructor who belongs to a hate group; an analysis of the UD operating budget in relation to such costs as health insurance; and the whole issue of health care, as reflected in current meetings of the university’s joint task force.
  • Next fall, the first issue of the newsletter will feature David Smith’s explanation of the difference between a complaint and a grievance. Steve Dentel suggested that the same newsletter include case studies, without names, to illustrate how the process has worked in a variety of situations. David proposed that such case studies be posted on our website, so that they can run at full length.

Old Business:

  • Drafts of three chapters of our AAUP chapter history have been forwarded to Steve Finner.
  • Linda Bucher will be filling in for David Colton at the March 20 meeting of the university’s joint task force on health care for retired faculty.
  • In order to take advantage of matching funds, our chapter has increased its pledge to the AAUP National Endowment: it’s now $25,000 over five years.
  • Ballots for the Steering Committee elections are due to be mailed out, with a return date of April 3.
  • The AAUP Student Award Committee has two new members: Carolyn Manning (HESC) and Sue McGeary (Geology). There are 15 applicants for these awards.
  • Joint Luncheon Program w/Provost’s Office was held on 2/22/06 and was well attended by approximately 50 faculty. Suggestion by G. Turkel to investigate another co-sponsored program in 06-07. Could invite a Scholar at Risk (program developed by NYU) to speak. Executive Council supported idea.
  • Steering Committee/Open Faculty Meeting was held on 2/22/06 . R. Bowen and J. Buck attended. Minutes attached. Suggestion to hold a spring lunch time Steering Committee/Department Rep meeting near end of semester. L. Bucher will investigate room.

New Business:

AAUP State Conference Leaders’ Meeting will be held on 4/14/06 10-11 AM (in Rm. 347, MCD). All are encouraged to attend.

News from National AAUP: Council members are encouraged to attend the upcoming conferences:

  • Annual AAUP Meeting: June 8-11, Washington , DC .
  • AAUP Summer Institute: July 27-30, Portland , Oregon .

Next Meetings: 4/14, 5/12

Respectfully submitted,
Kevin Kerrane, Secretary