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AAUP Executive Council Minutes
March 7, 2007; 8:00-10:00 AM
Room 302 McDowell Hall

PRESENT: Linda Bucher (presiding), Leon Campbell, Gerald Turkel, Danilo Yanich, Sheldon Pollack, David Smith, Steve Dentel, and Kevin Kerrane (secretary)

Following the approval of minutes from the February 7 meeting, the Council met in Executive Session for reports from the Grievance Officer, D. Smith, and the Contract Maintenance Office, L. Campbell.

Regular Meeting:

Office Update: L. Bucher announced that, following Council’s approval of the expenditure, a laptop computer for AAUP use had been purchased. L. Bucher also reported that Integrity Staffing has increased cost of services (office manager) by $.14/hr.

S. Pollack noted that the Treasurer’s Report distributed at the February 7 meeting was now official, and that it could be included in the next issue of The AAUP Voice. He added that the audit of chapter finances, discussed in previous Executive Council meetings, was now in progress.

G. Turkel outlined plans for the next issue of The AAUP Voice—including an article about chapter membership and finances stressing that the amount charged for annual dues has not increased in 15 years. S. Dentel suggested that the article also note the independent audit of chapter finances that is now underway. Another proposed item for the newsletter would be a new survey of personal expenditures by faculty to support their classes and/or professional development.

L. Bucher provided an update on the proposed joint meeting with representatives ofthe Faculty Senate. One key agenda item would be resolving the jurisdiction of the Senate’s Committee on Welfare and Privileges.

 New Business:

L. Bucher announced that Lee Raymond (from the Department of Health, Nutrition, and Exercise) has agreed to fill the vacancy on the Awards Committee. The committee has received six applications for these awards. A new chairperson is still needed for 07-08.

The AAUP Farewell Reception for President Roselle has been cancelled. According to President Roselle’s office, a university farewell reception will be planned this spring.

David Breneman has been suggested for the fall speaker for joint Administration/AAUP Faculty Forum. L. Bucher will talk to the Provost re: suggestion.

AAUP Membership Report: Lists of members (N=507) and non-members (N=542) distributed. L. Bucher asked that any errors in the listing be reported to Rita. Council discussed ways to increase membership. Suggestion: Ask for the AAUP to be added to spring college meeting agendas – members of the Executive Council could speak to the importance of membership especially in light of upcoming negotiating year (07F-08S). Time for Q&A could also be provided. Council agreed that light refreshments could be provided by the AAUP for these meetings. L. Bucher will attempt to compile the dates for the spring college meetings.

Nancy Getchell has agreed to run on the ballot for the replacement of CHS Steering Committee member. L. Bucher will distribute the ballot.

News from National AAUP:

Annual meeting: June – Council members encouraged to attend

Next Meetings: April 11 th and May 9 th from 8-10 AM.

Respectfully submitted,
Kevin Kerrane