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AAUP Executive Council Minutes
February 18, 2008
Room 302 McDowell Hall, 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Present: Linda Bucher (president), Pat Barber, Leon Campbell, Sheldon Pollack, Danilo Yanich, David Smith, Gerry Turkel, Kevin Kerrane (secretary)

The meeting opened in Executive Session with reports from the Grievance Officer (D. Smith) and Contract Maintenance Officer (L. Campbell).

Office Update

After approval of minutes from the meetings of December 18 and January 28, the regular meeting began with an announcement by L. Bucher that Rita Girardi was interested and willing to learn Quick Books with the possibility of discontinuing the bookkeeping services once she is proficient.

Treasurer’s Report

 S. Pollack reported that our investments lost money in January.

 AAUP Voice

G. Turkel said that the next issue of the newsletter would include an overviewof this year’s bargaining, with an explanation of key proposals. Linda said that the issue should also identify the members of the Steering Committee.

Update from the Bargaining Team

Item # 12, which deals with release time for faculty under FMLA: G. Turkel stressed that the bargaining team wants to clarify that this “option” belongs to the faculty member, not to administrators. D. Yanich suggested that the CBA article (9.4) should say that release time would be granted unless a faculty member formally refused it.

Item # 15, relating to CNTT faculty: L. Bucher suggested that if this proposal results in a Letter of Agreement, that this document should be posted on-line with the contract as these intent of these letters are often ‘lost’ after time.

Item # 4, relating to notifications to the AAUP: S. Pollack emphasized that we are asking only to be informed, not to become part of the approval loop for appointment of reappointment of a chair.

Item # 1, which proposes an agency fee: D. Smith suggested that, if this proposal becomes part of the CBA, we could start with a low assessment for non-members—and S. Pollack noted that such an assessment would have to eliminate any payment to the National AAUP. L. Campbell noted that the amounts of agency fees are often decided by an outside adjudicator.

Recruitment strategies during bargaining: G. Turkel said that all faculty should be notified that only AAUP members will be eligible to vote on the new CBA. D. Yanich observed that this policy is not new, because in previous contract ratifications the votes of non-members have been only advisory.

G. Turkel said that Maxine Colm had suggested that the coming contract may be for only two years. He suggested that the Executive Council meet with the Steering Committee after the third bargaining session.

L. Bucher said that she would set the Steering Committee meeting for the afternoon of Monday, March 3 and extend the invitation to the Department Representatives—and that the next Executive Council meeting was scheduled for the morning of Monday, March 17.


Respectfully submitted,
Kevin Kerrane