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Minutes from February 14, 2005 Executive Council Meeting

10:00 am-12:00 noon; 302 McDowell Hall

Present: L. Bucher, L. Campbell (CMO), D. Colton, S. Dentel, K. Kerrane, S. Pollack, D. Smith (GO), G. Turkel, D. Yanich

Excused: J. VanName

Minutes from 1/19 Executive Council and Steering Committee meetings approved.

Regular Meeting

1. Report from the Bargaining Team

Bargaining team has met with Administration on 1/26 and 2/9. Summary notes for both meetings distributed by K. Kerrane. D. Colton provided additional descriptions of progress on grievance procedure, just cause, childbirth/adoption, parking, and buyout. No discussions have been initiated regarding salary increases. Further discussion encountered re: administration's proposal of a new non-tenure track faculty line: Research Faculty. It was determined that M. Colm should send proposal to the Executive Council as this is not a bargaining issue.

Next meeting is scheduled for 2/23. D. Colton suggested that a meeting be scheduled with the Steering Committee/Department Representatives after this to update members on progress. Meeting will be scheduled for Monday, March 7 at 10 AM in Rm. 222, McDowell Hall. D. Colton and K. Kerrane left after presenting report.

Executive Session (closed)

  1. L. Campbell provided the CMO's report.
  2. D. Smith provided the GO's report.

Regular Meeting continued

2. Treasurer's report

S. Pollack distributed the annual report as well as a comparison of AAUP dues from comparable universities. Both will be reported in an issue of the aaUPBEAT.


G. Turkel reported that the February issue (to be circulated for review shortly) will focus on the bargaining proposal presented to the Administration. The March issue will continue to focus on bargaining/contract issues and will also include the Treasurer's annual report and dues comparison. The April issue will discuss the difference between a grievance and a complaint and present a history of workload, including how to change workload policies.

G. Turkel will work with B. Bohm to present a new format for the newsletter by September.

Both G. Turkel and R. Girardi are investigating union printers in Wilmington. These printers generally use off set printing which is a costly method of printing. Once estimates for the printing of the newsletter are available, they will be presented to the Executive Council for consideration.

4. Old Business

  1. Website update: L. Bucher and R. Girardi met with Marc Drumm and discussed revisions to the website. Access to the website has been obtained for Marc and we can expect a preview of the revisions later in the semester.
  2. Meeting with faculty from Chemistry: L. Bucher and S. Dentel met with Doug Doren and John Koh from Chemistry on 1/26. Faculty shared concerns regarding salary and merit increases. They indicated that young faculty in their department needed to reach average salaries (in the next level) faster than it currently takes in order to keep them. They suggested that salary increases be based on merit alone and not on merit and across the board. It was suggested that salary equity studies could/should be requested by faculty to see if salary adjustments were in order. L. Bucher suggested that a meeting be arranged with AAUP and faculty from Chemistry/ Biochemistry and Engineering to enhance communication between both.
    L. Bucher also requested that a department representative was needed for Chemistry and Doug Doren agreed to serve. Brian Bahnson was recommended as a replacement on the Steering Committee.
  3. Bylaws revisions: L. Bucher will send out an announcement for the Open Faculty meeting to discuss bylaws revisions to be held on 2/28 at 10AM in Rm. 347, McDowell Hall. L. Bucher will work with S. Pollack to present revisions to the proposed language for amendments.
  4. Vacancies on the Steering Committee: John Bieber and Brain Bahnson have agreed to serve on the Steering Committee replacing Paul Evenson and Arwen Mohun (as they are both on sabbaticals this spring). Ballot will be distributed to AAUP members in the College of Arts and Sciences. Still need replacement for Pat Barber (College of Agriculture and Natural Resources).
  5. UD AAUP History: G. Turkel will contact Carol Hoffecker in order to contact Tom Godwin re: status of project. Once whereabouts known, a certified letter will be sent from our attorney to Tom requesting any/all materials collected as part of project.

5. New Business

  1. AAUP 91st Annual Meeting: June 9-12, Washington, DC: Information on the conference details is available and members are encouraged to attend.
  2. AAUP Summer Institute: July 21-24, University of New Hampshire: Information on the conference details is available and members are encouraged to attend.
  3. National AAUP Database: email received from national asking for assistance in updating the national database. Information forwarded to G. Turkel for publication in the aaUPBEAT
  4. Reference to AAUP at City Council Meeting: S. Dentel reported that Rick Armitage, chief lobbyist for the UD, made a comment that the AAUP has not made any attempt to request that UD use reusable energy. This issue, while important, is not a condition of employment and therefore not something for which the AAUP would take the lead. L. Bucher will contact Maxine Colm to discuss the reference to the AAUP in such a forum and in such a manner.

6. Future Executive Council Meetings

  • 3/14/05 @ 10 AM, Rm. 302, MDH
  • 4/11/05 @ 10 AM, Rm. 302, MDH
  • 5/16/05 @ 10 AM, Rm. 302, MDH