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Minutes from February 10, 2006 Executive Council Meeting

Room 302 McDowell Hall, 8:00-10:00 a.m.

PRESENT: Linda Bucher (presiding), Leon Campbell, Gerald Turkel, Sheldon Pollack, Danilo Yanich, Pat Barber, David Colton (invited guest), and Kevin Kerrane (secretary).

The meeting began with the introduction of Pat Barber as the new at-large member of the Executive Council. Following approval of the December 10 minutes, the Council met in Executive Session for a report from Leon Campbell, Contract Maintenance Officer. A hard copy of the Grievance Officer’s report was distributed.

Following the Executive session, Linda Bucher gave the Council an update on a workload policy issue affecting the School of Nursing (SON). Provost Rich’s interpretation of the footnote language requires that 50% or more of the faculty are assigned a combined classroom/clinical workload. He defines ‘typical’ to mean the majority of faculty. The Provost asked the SON for data on faculty assignments. The majority of faculty does not have a combined classroom/clinical workload. He did not approve the revised workload document submitted by the SON. Leon Campbell did approve the revised document. The SON faculty voted to not revise their workload document at this time. Music is planning to submit a revised workload document that includes the new footnote in spring semester.

Office Update: Renovations to the office and meeting room are complete.

Treasurer’s Report: Sheldon Pollack. A review of the chapter’s accounts will be conducted. A request from National AAUP re: chapter finances was shared with S. Pollack. S. Pollack will complete and forward to national. Annual report is forthcoming and will be distributed to the membership. Discussion re: ~$11,000 for consultant for The VOICE – council felt it might be time to reconsider the use of the consultant (but not before September 2006). G. Turkel indicated that he would be interested in increasing his role in the newsletter. Use of R. Girardi for layout and production was discussed and L. Bucher will explore with R. Girardi. The CBA provides release time to faculty for such AAUP-related activities. Discussion to be continued.

The Voice: G. Turkel. The March issue will discuss R. Bowen’s visit. Another issue may be dedicated the Health Care issues.


Old Business:

Joint Lunchtime Lecture (w/Provost’s office): Roger Bowen: Institutional Autonomy and Academic Freedom ( 2/22/06 ): Trabant, Multi-Purpose Rm. C @ 12 Noon – RSVP by 2/17

Chapter History Project: G. Turkel reported finding three chapters

Report from the Joint Retiree Health Care Committee: (David Colton, Pat Barber, Leon Campbell)

Discussion turned to the new Joint Retiree Health Care Committee, which is charged with studying rising costs for retirees’ medical coverage. Sheldon Pollack stated that employers have the legal option of cutting off all coverage for retirees (currently approx. 250), since former employees are not covered by a collective bargaining contract (CBA). At the Health Care Committee’s most recent meeting, Maxine Colm—quoting President Roselle—said that any changes in coverage would not affect current UD employees.

David Colton emphasized that the AAUP should not agree with a two-tiered system, and he pointed out that in considering such a system the Retiree Health Care Committee would be looking ahead as many as thirty years (that is, to the time when now-young faculty reach retirement). In the meantime, David said, the university—which has a billion-dollar endowment—should treat the health-care question as an accounting issue rather than an emerging financial crisis. Further David pointed out that the AAUP has a history of negotiating for retire benefits and should consider continuing to do so in future negotiations.

Gerry Turkel suggested that our representatives on the Retiree Health Care Committee focus more on the University of Delaware than on the national scene.

National AAUP sent questionnaire re: health care benefits. L. Campbell to complete and return to national office.

Donation to the AAUP National Endowment: Exec. Council voted 5/5 to donate $20,000 over 4 years to the National AAUP Endowment Fund. L. Bucher will contact the two members of the council not present for their vote. G. Turkel will present check to R. Bowen at 2/22 Steering Committee/Open Faculty meeting.

Steering Committee Elections: L. Bucher updated council on nominations for Steering Committee vacancies. She will develop an email and letter for use by council in soliciting nominations in their colleges.


New Business:

Steering Committee/Open Faculty Meeting: to be held on 2/22, 3-4 MDH, Rm. 347. Notice was circulated to membership via a flyer and L. Bucher will send email for Steering Committee members and Department Representatives.

Reappointment of CMO, GO, Editor of The VOICE: Leon Campbell was reappointed CMO (5/5); David Smith was reappointed GO (5/5), and Gerry Turkel was reappointed Editor (5/5). L. Bucher will contact the two members of the council not present for their votes.

AAUP Student Award Committee: Two new members are needed. L. Bucher will

distribute email to Steering Committee requesting volunteer.

AFL-CIO affiliation: G. Turkel discussed possibility of affiliating with local AFL-CIO chapter.

UD Sexual Harassment Policy: A revised sexual harassment policy is being presented to the Faculty Senate this spring semester. It will then be forwarded to the AAUP.

News for National: Notes from National AAUP distributed.

Next Meetings: 8-10 on 3/10, 4/7, 5/12 in Rm. 302 MDH