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Minutes from January 5, 2005 Executive Council Meeting

3-5:30 pm; 347 McDowell Hall

Present: Linda Bucher, Kevin Kerrane, Sheldon Pollack, David Smith, Gerry Turkel, Judy Van Name and Danilo Yanich.

President Linda Bucher called the meeting to order by wishing everyone a Happy New Year! The draft of the collective bargaining proposal was circulated prior to the meeting, discussed by the Executive Council, and revised based on discussions (see attached).


Article VIII

  • Faculty with potential grievance should seek advice from Grievance Officer
  • Addition of "Just Cause" provision

Article IX - Personal Benefits

  • Proposal for changes to the basic healthcare benefit that would (potentially) benefit all faculty, including those with domestic partners needing healthcare
  • Expansion of coverage (for birth of child) to include adoption and fathers
  • List of parking recommendations

Article XI - Faculty Workload

  • Changes to Article 11.2
  • Delete Article 11.3
  • Amend Footnote 3 to Article 11.9

Article XII - Salary

  • Recommendation for salary increase, including increase in TIAA-CREF contribution
  • Changes to Article 12.4 (merit pay)

Article XX

  • Term of proposed contract: 2 years

Article XIX

  • Language changes related to the (former) Parallel Program

Appendix A, Footnote 4

  • Changes to dates

Develop Letter of Understanding regarding Buyout policies.

Members voted to approve the revisions to the CBA proposal (5-0). L. Bucher will circulate for Executive Council members (especially those not present) to review once more before circulating to the Steering Committee members.

Next Meetings

  • Executive Council Meeting - Wednesday, Jan. 19th, 2-3
  • Steering Committee Meeting - Wednesday, Jan. 19th, 3-5