These directions are not designed as step-by-step instructions, but rather to assist in getting your computer prepared for live WebCasts and recordings. PeopleSoft changes their website so some of these directions may change without notice.


It might be helpful to bookmark this address.

CLICK: Prepare your Computer

Follow Steps 1 through 4 to ensure your computer has the correct components to participate in PeopleSoft's Knowledge Center courses.

If an Unknown File Type box appears, click X to exit box and follow instructions for downloading component. Use the help button for more information.

REGISTER: Step 4 requires the user to register for a password.

Fill out appropriate information.

Street address is optional.

Answer Yes to the question "Are you a PeopleSoft Customer?"

Answer No to the questions "Are you a PeopleSoft Partner?"

WAIT: PeopleSoft will send you an email with your user name and password within 2 business days. Save this email for future reference. When you receive your password, return to Prepare Your Computer in the Knowledge Center and proceed with Step 4.

PROCEED: Follow instructions in Step 4 to load Student Player.

Follow the link "Live Web Cast Student Entrance" and click on Student Entrance.

LOG IN: Enter user name and password.

CLICK: Download Student Application at the left of the screen.

CLICK: Click InstallShield wizard button inside the gray box.

Follow online instructions to install. Choose LAN/WAN when asked for internet connection type. When finished the InterWise Student application will start. Exit this application and go back to Step 4 to test the student player.

CLICK: In Step 4, number 4, click Test the Student Player and save demo1 to a temp file. Go to your temp file and double click demo1 to test the Student Player. You should see a quick demonstration and here a voice welcome. (The Students box may be moved out of the way if desired.)

CLICK: Click the button on the right side of the screen with a picture of a professor and the word "LIVE" to bring up live WebCasts currently available.

CLICK: Click on JOIN next to the following:

Lesson: Automated Welcome Course: Guest Services

LOGIN: Refer to your email for username and password.

CLICK: Click New York Server (3) East Coast Customers

This step should start your Interwise Student Player

VIEW: The automated course verifies your connection.

VIEW: Recommended WebCasts: eLearning Tech Talk