Now that the summer is over (the teams were distracted by the beginning/end of the Fiscal Year as well as extensive PeopleSoft training during that time) it is anticipated that the teams will be back to their normal meeting schedules. Hopefully, there will also be more regular updates to this page so that the campus can be informed about what is going on with their new Financials system.

Team Updates:

Executive: An MIS student has been hired to assist us with the Financials implementation. Stephan Foster will first be working with the Reporting team compiling a listing of PS tables used in delivered reports. The AR/Billing Team (chaired by Angie Beecham) has been established and has begun their orientation. It has been decided that we will probably be implementing all modules at the same time, due to the timing of the release of 8.4 as well as the integrated nature of the module.

Other Teams: GL Team: Continues to work on the prioritization of PS tables and identification of UD data field matches.

Reporting Team: Van and Marsha went to Query/Crystal training and the consensus right now is that our reporting solution may be PS Query rather than a standard data warehouse, both due to the time it would take to launch a warehouse and the ongoing updating time of a warehouse. Further testing of a security solution using trees on query will need to occur before such a decision can occur. A discussion of outer joins in queries was also held, and it was determined that as UD doesn't permit outer joins on SuperNatural right now, that this probably wouldn't be needed on the campus and wasn't an issue. Carol is working on merging the UD data with the Psoft data.

AP Team: UD Data matching has been submitted to the reporting team.

Grants/Projects Team: Grants subteam team is working through the Grants setup and learning a lot about the system along the way. Facilities Projects subteam is working their way through the training manual.

Budget Team: While not yet fully functional at this point, the Budget Office staff is working to get up to speed on the operation of PeopleSoft and has begun a review of the functionality of the GL. A subset of Budget Office staff is reviewing the training manual for the Budget Preparation 8.0 and compiling a list of tasks that must be completed to implement this module. It is hoped that this web-based module will be available to UDFS in the fall, so that we begin testing our chartfield configuration and query testing, as well as actual setup of budget preparation.

The official Issues Log is available on the web and is having issues added to it frequently. It is included in the page labeled project plan/issues.