Periodic Update of UDFS project - January 26, 2001

The Single User Version has been repopulated with UD Data. This update reverses the attempt to "fix" the SUV problems with AP, which eroded our ability to successfully load the AP setup. We have now reloaded the GL AND AP/Purchasing modules setup. UD Data for downloading into the single user versions on your desktops is at

The Setup team will be working on project module setup next week, and hope to have an updated version, including projects UD setup available shortly thereafter. If we encounter any problems with this setup and need outside assistance, this update will be delayed.

The Chart of Accounts team has started meeting regularly, with the addition of Ben Martin to our team, to discuss Gen. Acctg Office questions regarding the current chartfield population. The discussions have been very fruitful thus far in sharpening our focus and understanding of the new chartfields. We also had an overview from Ben Martin regarding his GLI E & G training class in December. This overview also increased our understanding and sharpened our focus of this project. The Chart of Accounts team will complete our discussion and answering of the questions generated by the GA office, and then review the preliminary listing of 4-digit department acronyms for possible changes. Carol is compiling the listing of UD object codes for central office review. The plan is to eliminate those UD object codes not needed for central university processing and reporting, as non-central units will have user-defined fields at their disposal. It is anticipated that these user-defined fields will replace many of our current object codes - to be call Account in PeopleSoft. We will also be eliminating object codes which are used in a UD account with the same title as the object code; i.e., UD account code called "transcripts" only has activity from one object code, "transcripts".

The Financials 8.0 for E & G will apparently be delayed beyond our current expected date - maybe as late as September or October. As this date seems to be changing frequently, the Executive Team is anticipating that this may yet be extended again.

Each team has made (or will soon do so) reports to the Executive Team regarding their activities and knowledge gained. One purpose of these meetings is to educate the Executive Team regarding the modules, and to identify positive aspects of the PeopleSoft system, as well as problems that need to be addressed, potentially at the Executive Team level.

We are planning trips to one or two East Coast schools to view their PeopleSoft implementations and/or projects. We hope to use the knowledge that they have gained in their projects.

It is anticipated that sample vendors will be loaded into the UD data by end of week 2/2. We also plan to add to the chartfield listing soon, and also put some sample JVs on the UD Data for reporting testing and discovery.