UDFS Reporting Team Minutes


In Attendance:

Marsha Lockard

Carol Rylee

Van Adams

Julie Burton

Greg Rumsey


I.                    Executive Committee Update

A.    Joint projects/grants team formed. Denise will be leading the facilities concentration in projects and Becky will be leading the grants part.

B.     Budget planning should begin as soon as technical support is available.

C.    Presentations from the conference are available at www.kcmetro.cc.mo.us/sig2k/new.html.

II.                 Highlights from the conference

A.    Technical sessions were good.

B.     An excellent session on SQL tuning is available on the web site.

C.    Cognos has tools for denormalizing the data to help build a warehouse.

D.    About 50/50 schools using standard v. controlled budgets.

E.     NCSU and Colorado both have great web sites.

III.               Other Items

A.    Reviewed PeopleBooks nVision assignment.

B.     Carol will present next PeopleBooks assignment on Trees June 13.

C.    Query Report lessons and tips will be posted to UDFS page.

D.    Upcoming work sessions will include following items:

1.      Input JV and track activity through panels, records and fields.

2.      Develop plan for review of fields for data warehouse.

3.      Review delivered queries (in addition to Cross Reference Reports).

4.      Run delivered reports against sample data after JVs are input.