August 21, 2002



UDFS Reporting Team



I.                 Team Goals


A.    Select and evaluate reporting tools


B.    Evaluate tools for extracting data, moving data, reporting data, and ability to refine reports


C.    Evaluate People Soft delivered reports

Complete by 04/30/01-Compare PS delivered reports to submitted

report list.

Run reports when UD data becomes available.

If it appears the delivered reports may meet the needs of the user,

turn over to functional teams to determine if works


Oversee functional team evaluation of delivered reports.


D.    Analyze- within and outside of People Soft- resources available (eg: UDCheck, Departmental Accounting, etc.) to produce reports as needed by users including:

                                                    i.     Central

                                                  ii.     End-users



                                                iii.     Non-users that need data



                                                iv.     Communications Team recommendations to Report Team

See Report Team Minutes 08/07/02


E.     Evaluate tools and reporting needs for executive reporting (nVision?)


F.     Recommend design of data warehouse

(recommendation will be reviewed by the Executive

Committee and Computing Center personnel)

1.     Find data (review PS Query Tables/Fields)

2.     Easy Access

3.     Security

4.     Loading sequences (append/replace; when/how often)

5.     Summary records (create data not in PS)



G.    Write standard central reports with documentation

(reports will be turned over to primary offices for future

enhancement & maintenance i.e. monthly statements will

be owned/maintained by General Accounting)

H.    Write adhoc reports

Write a few in each area to make sure can be done & tool works.

Train functional offices to use the selected tool(s) & assist them

in writing the remaining reports.



I.       Recommend training plan for report users / writers.







Important Points to consider

Hard-coded reports should be kept to a minimum

The Goal should be for users to generate reports, not programmers

Tools selected should be flexible enough for this including

appropriate security








Potential tools

Crystal Reports used with PS client or a data warehouse

nVision used with PS client or potentially a data warehouse

PeopleSoft query used with PeopleSoft client

PeopleSoft delivered reports

MS Access used with a data warehouse

Oracle Portal

MetaWeb / Dazel

Nuvosoft Rwiz



Cognos Powerplay