UDFS Reporting Team Minutes


In Attendance:

Marsha Lockard

Julie Burton

Carol Rylee

Van Adams

Greg Rumsey


Decisions: None


Summary of Tasks:

TASK: Team members to contact assigned schools with survey.

TASK: The reporting team will look at the People Soft tables to determine information that should be in a warehouse.

TASK: The reporting team will develop a model for the warehouse tables.

TASK: Van will send Oracle WebDB/Portal url for demo to report team members.

TASK: Van will follow up to get a copy of "Oracle Internet Application Server"

and to determine what UD already has.

TASK: Carol will post note to Listserv re: Oracle WebDB/Portal.

TASK: Marsha will have following items added to the UDFS Project Plan:

Review PeopleSoft delivered reports: 12/06/00 - 04/30/01

Review user reports: 12/06/00 - 06/28/02

Review PS tables for data warehouse design: 01/02/01 - 06/28/02

  1. Update from the Executive Committee
    1. 10/6 the consultant will be setting up the new chart of accounts in the PS single user version.
    2. 2 new computers, Gibraltar and Titanic, are set up in 003 Hullihen Hall. Titanic is available for team members use at any time. Gibraltar

    will be used for demos and maintained as resource of stable info.

  2. Carol discussed going to the team leaders at some point and asking them to seek new reports that have been developed around campus after the current report list is completed.
  3. Documentation standards for reports were discussed.
    1. Wisconsin-Madison has an excellent report documentation site located at http://wiscinfo.doit.wisc.edu/infoaccess/dataviews/DataviewsIndex.htm.
    2. Documentation standards should be set for any reports that are available to campus-wide users.
  4. Oracle WebDB/Portal was presented by Greg Keane and Greg Rumsey.