UDFS Team Meeting Minutes


9:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m.

In Attendance: Marsha Lockard

Carol Rylee

Van Adams

Greg Rumsey

  1. Team Goals
    1. Select and evaluate reporting tools
    2. Evaluate tools for extracting data, moving data, reporting data, and ability to refine reports
    3. Evaluate People Soft delivered reports
    4. Analyze- within and outside of People Soft- resources available to produce reports as needed by users including:
      1. Central
      2. End-users
      3. Non-users that need data
    5. Evaluate tools and reporting needs for executive reporting
    6. Select a data repository and determine the design
  2. Update from Executive Committee
    1. There will be a meeting on 8/31 with People Soft to help determine if version 7.5 or 8.0 will be implemented
    2. All complimentary data at the transaction level and the account level is being defined
    3. Hullihen 003 will have furniture and a Smart Board soon
    4. The executive team will traveling to Princeton to talk about some specific things in regard to their implementation
    5. The consultant, Scott Smith, may be asked to come back and set up the single-user version
    6. The reporting team may want to meet with Dan Grim about tools to distribute reports on the web such as Metaweb and Dazzle
  3. Important Points
    1. The chart of accounts committee made a recommendation for a warehouse.
    2. The use of a certain tool might depend upon who you are as a user
    3. Web distribution of reports could work with PS Query
    4. Envision might work for central users
    5. The data warehouse could work for departments and central users
    6. A possible option that has been mentioned is using the web and the data warehouse to deliver reports
    7. The data must be made available to all users
    8. There is the possibility of Oracle reporting training for two people on the team- this will be held for future consideration
    9. Reporting tools should match the ability and training requirements of users
    10. There should potentially be four categories of users: academic users, academic non-users, central users, and central non-users (user/non-user refers to use of existing data in university for generating reports). These four categories capture the various levels of needs for reporting tools on campus.
    11. An emphasis should be placed on finding all current reports on campus including systems that deliver reports such as Departmental Accounting and UDcheck
    12. The reporting team suggests that meetings be held with representatives from all teams where the major report writers are brought in to discuss the information they are currently trying to obtain from the system and the reports that they generate
    13. A better knowledge should be gained of what is needed in executive reports
  4. Survey of reporting methods at other institutions implementing People Soft
    1. Carol obtained a list of institution names from the educause site
    2. Carol found a data warehouse institute
    3. The list of institutions was divided up and each person was assigned to

    review the web pages of several institutions looking for information which might relate to the upcoming survey (initial survey draft was shared with committee members to assist in web page review)

  5. Discussion of Oracle products for reporting
    1. Greg presented summary information on some Oracle products that can be used for reporting
    2. WebDB was discussed as a potential means of report delivery and it was decided that Greg Keane would be brought in 9/27 to give a demonstration
  6. Discussion of other reporting items
    1. Nvision response time has been raised as a potential problem (educause page August)
    2. It is important to test response with all reporting tools
  7. Assignments
    1. Each team member will review web pages of their assigned institutions to get information on what each institution has done with reporting.
    2. Committee members to submit additional survey questions. Survey will be finalized with decision made as to which institutions to contact.
    3. Greg Rumsey and Van Adams will work with Greg Keane to develop a WebDB demonstration for 9/27