UDFS – Report Team Minutes

August 29, 2001

In attendance: Marsha Lockard, Amy Taylor, Julie Burton, Carol Rylee, Peggy Bottorff.


All Reporting Team members: process some test JVs in PeopleSoft. Remember to select a date between 7/1/00 and 6/30/01 so the fiscal year is 2001 (per request of Carol Rylee on behalf of Chart of Accounts team).



  1. Executive Committee Update
    1. A/R Billing Team formed. Angie Beecham is chair.
    2. Chart of Accounts team update: they are putting in sample JVs (using FY 2002; ask that anyone else putting in sample JVs use FY 2001)
    3. Carol Rylee working on a conversion table in Access to help with doing a mass update of our current accounts to PeopleSoft chartfields.
    4. Budget module is here; working on getting a computer for it.
  2. Query Security issue
  3. Issue raised at last meeting that there may be way to have application AND query security that would make a data warehouse optional. Team members checked Peoplebooks since last meeting to gather info on query security. Findings were discussed, and team agreed that we should pursue this further. It was agreed that we would continue the discussion/inquiry at a future meeting with Van Adams to get his perspective.

  4. Note on Pending Work Session

Previously the report team had as a Pending Work Session: "Group delivered queries for review by Report Team." Given the work now being done by student worker (Stefan Foster), it was agreed that the student’s review of all queries should precede Report Team action. After the student completes the first phase, Report Team proposes to break into two-people teams to liaison with functional teams.