UDFS-Report Team Minutes

June 20, 2001

In attendance:

Marsha Lockard

Van Adams

Julie Burton



ISSUES: To the Executive Team:

Some PS delivered queries have been reviewed; many are still pending.

After sample UD data becomes available, the Report Team recommends

review of ALL delivered reports as applicable to implementation issues.

As the Report Team has limited knowledge of the data, we recommend the

Executive Team consider assigning the review of PS delivered reports to the functional teams. The Report Team believes we can identify blocks of reports which relate to a designated area or module. To facilitate the review process, a Report Team member may be assigned to work with each functional team. The Report Team as a whole will continue to work on those reports not readily identified by function.



  1. Executive Committee Update
    1. Instructions for use of online classes
  2. Cognos Presentation
    1. Van date not yet scheduled, still pending
  3. PSREPORT Listserv
    1. Reporting & Analysis Product Advisory Group:
    2. Reporting Recommendations

      We reviewed the document posted to the Listserv and found it captures

      our concerns & desires. Decision made to post no comments to the

      listserv in regards this document.

    3. Report Team members prefer to not subscribe to this Listserv and have

requested that the team leader bring selected postings to meetings for

review and discussion.