UDFS – Report Team Minutes

December 19, 2001

In attendance: Van Adams, Peggy Bottorff, Julie Burton, Marsha Lockard, Cheryl Morris, Carol Rylee, Amy Taylor



All team members review the draft of the NEW survey to other schools, and give any feedback to Marsha. We won’t be conducting this survey right now but can use it informally in discussions with other schools, either at HEUG conference or on other occasions. We will likely conduct the survey more formally in the future.



  1. Executive Committee Update – none
  2. Report on 12/12/01 Access Users Group Meeting: group discussed how to communicate in the future. There is not the time now to set up a listserve with web page, but hope to move to that. Tentatively plan 5 meetings per year; attendees invited to share queries and questions.
  3. Using PS-Query with HR Data: discussion of team members’ varied level of experience with PS-Query and varied access to HR data led to decision for team to devote at least an hour in each of the next several meetings to working through the Query course book. Purposes of doing so will be to get all team members up to speed AND to identify issues important to pass on to the broader campus community in query courses that our team will design and conduct. A related decision was to postpone other pending work sessions for now to focus on this task.
  4. Sub-group of Amy, Cheryl, and Peggy to begin work on the Public Query Review Project in January.
  5. Also in January, Carol will meet with Amy, Cheryl and Peggy to review PS journal voucher (instead of using a team meeting).