UDFS Reporting Team Minutes


In Attendance:

Marsha Lockard

Carol Rylee

Van Adams

Julie Burton




Marsha send public version of survey summary to Dee for web page

Marsha send public version of survey information to survey respondents along with a thank you note

Carol ask Dee to set up HT access

Van draft a checklist of the attributes we think are important in a reporting tool.

All think about what attributes should be included on the list

All review draft of the agenda fro the Executive Team presentation scheduled for December 20th and be ready to discuss at the December 6th meeting

All compile notes on the report tools we have reviewed thus far. Email or send to Marsha and she will add to a notebook for future reference

Marsha distribute 30 blank survey forms to those who will be attending the March conference

NOTE: report surveys are all in a notebook on the bottom shelf of case in HH003

New maxim: KNOW THY DATA

  1. Executive Committee Update
    1. Exec committee to meet with steering committee
      1. to recommend version 8.0
      2. to present update on the progress and activities of each team
    2. Carol, Pat D., Van and other will attend the Tea Neck user group meeting where 8.0 will be demonstrated
  2. Other
    1. Van reported that "Titanic" is loaded with data copied from "Gibraltar"

2. Survey process is officially complete however, we will continue to gather data for future reference