UDFS-Report Team Minutes

November 7, 2001

In attendance:

Marsha Lockard, Van Adams, Amy Taylor, Peggy Bottorf, Julie Burton, Cheryl Morris

DECISIONS MADE: To the Project Decision Table:


ISSUES: To the Project Issues Table:




Marsha will send Report Team comments and questions re: PS ChartFields to the Executive Team.

Team members are to continue practicing various sample queries, particularly in regards to ad hoc reporting needs.




  1. Executive Committee Update
    1. The Executive Team expects the release of PS 8.4 by 3/31/02; UD will not be part of the early adopters program and still intends to implement Financials on 7/1/03 if possible. There was a Report Team discussion that implementation generally takes two years from product delivery.
  2. Report Team Discussion
    1. Marsha quickly reviewed where to find the Project Plan, Issues, and Decision Table on the UDFS website for benefit of newest reporting team members.
    2. We reviewed the continuing work on the table outlining public queries and which PS tables are being used.
    3. The Team reviewed the draft of our response to the PS ChartField questions/comments with approval to send final document to the Chart of Accounts group and the Executive Team.
    4. PS Query test - we reviewed the use of wildcards in queries (%character%) with the operator ‘like’. You can search for a key word on PS Dept description. Van suggested that one would always search on the short description to improve the efficiency of the query as the long description has so many characters. Marsha reminded us there are some query tips on the web (http://www.udel.edu/UDFS/tips.html). We reviewed the steps to take in order to see the format of the data elements, but concluded that there may be a quicker easier way to do that, not yet fully explored.
    5. General discussion was held on PS ChartField "Fund" reporting issues and when to use a ChartField vs Tree in a query. The team will ask Carol to further discuss use of Trees for reporting in an upcoming work session.


Meeting for November 21, 2001 has been cancelled. Happy Thanksgiving!