UDFS Reporting Team Minutes


In Attendance:

Marsha Lockard

Carol Rylee

Van Adams

Julie Burton

Greg Rumsey


  1. People Books assignment given by Greg
  2. UDcheck/DA demo scheduled for 11/1/00


I. Executive Committee Update

A. Suggested sending a reporting team person to the PS conference.

B. GL training is available in Nov./Dec. but this might be too soon.

C. The Executive Committee will have meetings with the team leaders to explain what they are learning.

D. 4 new teams will be started- budgets, grants, assets, and billing/receivables (non-student and non-C&G)

II. Reporting Team Notes

A. The survey date will be changed to open-ended to allow the opportunity to continue to gather results.

B. Survey information can be released to responding schools without contact information.

C. Van will do an overview of the current FAMIS data warehouse at the second meeting in December.

III. PS Tables

A. Carol has started a database documenting PS tables and field names.

B. Starting on Dec. 20 we will begin looking at tables.

C. Beginning the first week in January we will meet every week and examine tables.

Next Meeting: November 8 Overview of Metweb / Dazel by Dan Grim