UDFS Report Team Minutes

October 24, 2001

Decisions: None
Issues: None
Tasks: Julie to call Cleveland State to get a list of chartfield definitions for fund.

In attendance: Marsha Lockard, Carol Rylee, Cheryl Morris, Julie Burton

  1. Executive Committee Update
    1. Early Success Program was reviewed and declined by the steering committee.
  2. User Services MS Access Users Group Meeting
    1. Recommendation
      1. Keep both 1997 and 2000 versions
      2. Select option to compact database on exit (v. 2000 only)
      3. Uncheck name order correct
      4. Install service pak 1 to fix problems
    2. Access 2000
      1. Lock at the record level
      2. Web data capability
      3. Better security for databases
      4. Ability to print relationships
      5. Option to compact database on exit