UDFS Reporting Team Minutes


In Attendance:

Marsha Lockard

Carol Rylee

Van Adams

Greg Rumsey

Julie Burton

Special guest: Jeff Quirico


1) Greg to secure a presenter for Departmental Accounting demo.

2) Scan People Books for relevant material

  1. PeopleSoft query and Crystal Reports demo
  2. A. Jeff and Carol demonstrated query and some of the existing report capabilities.

  3. Executive committee update
      1. Executive team will be meeting more often
      2. Forming groups for additional modules
      3. Scheduling trips for site visits
      4. Jeff and Carol are working on developing trees that may be used for security
  4. Oracle Web/DB/Portal
      1. Van is working out details
      2. A copy of Oracle should be installed sometime around January or February
  5. UDCheck Overview
      1. Carol suggested the executive committee view a demonstration of UDCheck and of Departmental Accounting (DA).
      2. Greg to secure presenter for DA.
  6. Report Team Notes
      1. A notebook will be placed in the PSoft room in Hullihen Hall, to record our questions and log our progress.
      2. This notebook will be used to consolidate and refine any questions we may have for the consultants
  7. Reports/Queries/Tables
      1. In December, Report team will work in smaller groups to review report samples as compared to PS delivered reports.
        1. Marsha will present a plan of action at the December 6th meeting.
        2. Tentative schedule is to review delivered reports by March
      2. In December, we will begin looking at query tables and will go to a weekly work schedule starting in January.
        1. Open each table and document contents
  8. People Books
      1. To get everyone acquainted with People Books, each member of the team will scan a section of People Books and present any relevant topics to the group. Marsha showed us Using People Books and asked that we scan the topic between the dates listed below. Each person will present a topic on the first day of the scheduled weeks and the group will scan the topic during that time. Schedule as follows:
        1. Marsha: Oct 11 Nov 8
        2. Greg: Nov 8 Dec 6
        3. Julie: Dec 6 Jan 17
        4. Van: Jan 17 Feb 21
        5. Carol: Feb 21 Mar 21

Next Meeting: October 25, 2000