UDFS – Report Team Minutes

October 10, 2001

In attendance: Van Adams, Peggy Bottorff, Julie Burton, Marsha Lockard, Carol Rylee, Amy Taylor



All Reporting Team members: review the working documents on the web: "Peoplesoft Dept with Acronyms" and "Object Code Table." E-mail comments to Marsha by 10/24, including concerns and/or ideas for other ways to be able to capture information in chartfields. Also, individual team members were assigned to call specific schools that use PeopleSoft and that are now providing imputed or estimated data in the NSF institutional profile.



  1. Executive Committee Update
    1. New Communications team to be formed, for the purposes of recommending ways to communicate with the campus and developing a training plan for the campus.
    2. PeopleSoft HR is live; only some central users can still use HR-PRD.
    3. Ellen Lepine joining PS Financials as of November.
    4. PeopleSoft has revised its support policy: Now they commit to support all major and minor releases for four years from the date of wide availability.
    5. UD may get to be an early adopter of version 8.4; Carol will keep the group informed.
  2. Review/Update Task List
  3. Group reviewed undone tasks on team’s task list; Julie Burton will incorporate changes.

  4. Work Session and Follow-up

Marsha described the PeopleSoft chart fields currently planned by the chart of accounts committee; the team reviewed the "PeopleSoft Dept with Acronym" table and Carol shared the reasoning behind the current numbers. Team members will review this information (see "Tasks Assigned") and make suggestions for changes.