In attendance:


Van Adams, Peggy Bottorff, Julie Burton, Ellen LePine, Marsha Lockard, Cheryl Morris, Carol Rylee, Amy Taylor






Log on using VP1 and begin looking at and using reporting tools, queries, trees, etc.





1.      Executive Committee Update

·        Consultants discussed.  Executive team awaiting approval to begin negotiation with Crestone for implementation guidance and support for certain of the PeopleSoft financial modules.

·        The demo instance is now available for team members to use.

·        Dee Smith has accepted the Manager position in the College of Arts and Science and may no longer be able to perform the chair duties for the trees sub team.

·        User services will be taking on a greater role in training University employees in PeopleSoft and associated applications such as Crystal, Ps Query, and nVision.

·        It is estimated that the demo instance (or similar instance for use by team members) will contain University data sometime near the beginning of the new year.


2.      Communications Team

·        On 09/25/02, a portion of the Communications Team will be participating in a live webcast training session dealing with Introduction to PeopleSoft version 8.4.

·        Resources are currently being identified to assist in upgrading/revamping/remodeling the PeopleSoft financial website to better focus on the needs of the entire University committee rather than on the implementation teams.  Allan Fanjoy, IPSS has agreed to work on this project, but all resources have not yet been identified.  Van suggested that the team look for some additional support from MIS’ Web Development area.


3.      Public Query Subteam Report

Nothing new to report.


4.      Trees Subteam Report

Nothing new to report. 


5.      Delivered Reports & JVs Subteam

·       Julie has been appointed as the report team liaison to the G/L team.

·       Van was successful in running the trial balance and other delivered nVision and SQR reports from the 8.4 module.  Since the client is required to run nVision, others have not been successful in accomplishing this task.  Julie and Marsha have scheduled a meeting on 9/27 to attempt to accomplish this task.

·       The executive team was requested to discuss the possibility of providing the report team with a laptop which they feel is essential in accomplishing tasks while the PeopleSoft financials room is being used by the consultants.


6.      Miscellaneous Information

·       Crestone has been recommended as the consultants of choice.  Negotiations with the firm have begun.  A 10/1/02 date for the consultants to begin work is anticipated as is a 7/1/03 PeopleSoft financial implementation date.

·       The consultant’s work scope relative to the reporting team has not yet been determined, although they will assist with some reporting.  They indicate that nVision is fairly easy once it has been introduced to students and they use it a bit.

·       According to information received from the consultants, most schools write their own general ledger since the delivered reports do not provide the necessary data.  The consultants added the delivered reports are usually used for AP and PO however.

·       As of this date, four instances are expected.

·        Production

·        Development – to be used primarily by programmers

·        Test – to be used for user testing

·        Demo

There was some discussion of the need for additional instances such as training and reporting.