UDFS-Report Team Minutes


September 4, 2002


In attendance:


Marsha Lockard, Van Adams, Amy Taylor, Peggy Bottorff, Julie Burton, Cheryl Morris, Ellen Lepine, Kat Collison, Carol Rylee






Reminder to Team to continue exploring PS 8.4 and bring questions to the next work session for Van to demonstrate.


ISSUES: To the Executive Team:






            I.     Executive Committee Update – Carol reported that six responses were received from the RFP. All have been reviewed.  Two companies will be interviewed, two will not be interviewed and two will be held pending the outcome of the first interviews.   A decision was made to convert one year of  history (02-03), and to maintain the data warehouse for a period of time, possibly adding 2-3 fields to the data warehouse in order to join PS data and historical data.  Accounts Payable team has made a decision not to convert the vendor file, but will simply pick a date and enter everything new.  They are still writing their ‘standards’ of data entry.  The Grants team has begun ‘scrubbing’ their data. Carol has completed the nuts and bolts of the Chart of Accounts.  And it’s now up to Marsha and Ellen to update and maintain.


          II.     Public Query Sub-Team Report  - The sub-team met and got back on track.  We have asked AAP and GL to note their ‘top ten’ crucial reports and we will look to the query manager to locate a delivered query that closely matches what they need. 


        III.     Trees Sub-Team Report – No report.


       IV.     Delivered Reports & JVs Sub Team Report – The team has found the Trial Balance report in SQR, and discovered the key to it’s use is the Run control ID.  The Run Control ID sets the standard parameters for the report so you don’t have to re-enter them each time.  To run, simply put a ‘1’ in the Run Control ID.  Discussion ensued as to where balances are stored or calculated.  Possible the solution will be to run the report, then store it in another location, so that it can be used for later reports and comparisons. They were specifically looking at report GLS7012.


         V.     Communications Team Highlights – No report.  Webcast for Intro to Financials is scheduled for Sept 25.


       VI.     Work session – Chris Cook demonstrated an overview of Excel MS-Query.  The functionality and accessibility raised a number of possibilities particularly for ad hoc reporting, as long as the PS database was accessible.  The tool comes with Microsoft Office, so is generally available campus wide, and promises more flexibility then MS Access alone.


Meeting adjourned at 10:00 am.


Amy Taylor